Monday, 3 August 2009

Visitor From Kazakhstan

I was checking Blurred Clarity's site stats which have been higher than usual and was bemused to see that I had a visitor from Kazakhstan, who had found me by Googling my name (but missing the 'n' off of the end of Hoffmann) and then spent 5 minutes 57 seconds on my blog.

The mystery visitor was based in the Karachaganak oil and gas condensate fields, which I have learnt is one of the largest in the world and quite what an oil worker living in Kazakhstan is doing Googling my name and spending nearly 6 minutes on my website I've no idea.

The mind boggles.

An interesting side note is that when they'd eventually read their fill, they decided to go and visit A Very Public Socialist, which perhaps paints a picture of an ex-Communist oil worker who wants to move to London to start a fresh career as an actor but is just checking out the level of Socialism before he makes the move.

My Kazakhstani reader, if you are out there, please get in touch!


  1. How intriguing and somewhat disturbing what one can learn from website stats.

  2. Yeah, he was at my site looking for you too. I reckon the Kazakh mafia are after you! :D

  3. A note to the "anonymous" comment leaver (I recognise you from somewhere...):

    I don't publish comments that attack me and make broad brush stroke assumptions about me and then call me a Nazi.

    I'm all for dialogue but not all opinions are of equal value and I have a low tolerance threshold for idiocy and for revisionist thinking. You come under both.

    To repeat, fascism is not socialist in any way shape or form, it was a response to the failings of socialism, indeed, the failings or any other previous means of governance.

    I come from a German family, so don't lecture me on what it was and wasn't, I have first hand information from generations of my relatives so spare me the lecture.

    Now bugger off!

  4. Your reply perfectly shows me to be what I am. Thank you.

    I will now gladly "bugger off." as idiots like me are dangerous and best ignored.


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