Friday, 7 August 2009



  1. What the? I didn't realise the Man was out looking yet!

  2. I can't figure out if I think this is very sweet or just very sad...

    I do think its cool that said old lady has a mobile though.

  3. Ellie:

    You're not old...or a lady...Heh.


    Try putting signs up in shops, you never know...


    Yeah, I thought that, it has a sadness, a pathos to it.

  4. I always use the Internet to find young ladies...

    But seriously, you might want to fuzz out the telephone number because we all know that the weirdos are on the 'net (myself included) and are likely to phone that number and try to initiate some kind of phone sex dialogue.

    I don't do phone sex any more after I had to go to the hospital to get the phone removed from my rectum after The Missus caught me. ;-)

  5. i hope it wasnt in Halifax (aint no ladies in Yorkshire anymore....)

  6. I never thought this picture would attract so much comment.


  7. It's so direct and poignant, not to mention that it makes me think about all the old ladies in my life I don't look after very well.


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