Monday, 21 September 2009

Meet Tory Muppet...

No, not that one and no idea how he got into this blog post but another one, a proper Tory Muppet, who is based over at the Conservative Change Channel (a channel I urge you to subscribe to and to keep abreast of at all times) and who has even been known to Twitter!

Tory Muppet is the product of the fertile imagination of Tim Ireland, with script by Jamie Sport and voiced by yours truly.

First episode is below...enjoy!


  1. Margaret Thatchers eyes on the photo behind the glove puppet in the Nad Dor vid are truly disturbing. They sort of follow you around the room with a malignant glare worthy of a serial killer.

  2. White Rabbit:



    Thanks for coming by and concur with creepy eyes. It has been noted.

  3. How tedious and utterly unfunny!


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