Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My New iMac Makes me Want to get Funky!

After saving up for some time Eva-Jane and I decided to splash out and replace our old 6 year old PC, which was beginning to wheeze and struggle with its puny 512k RAM, with a brand new iMac and boy oh boy, is it a funky bit of mother fucking kit that we are just getting to grips with.

So this is the first of many blog posts from the iMAc and it is feeling good on my fingertips.

In fact, I am enjoying myself so much on this computer that I am feeling very funky...that's right....can I get a witness to the funk? Can I call on a witness to get nasty funky with me?


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to Blurred Clarity, the Godfather of funk to lay on ya'll some funky ass moves...the one and only MR JAMES BROWN!


  1. Shit. Is that what a Mac Daddy does to you! Sign me up!

  2. Indeed, get down with the Mack funk and not to be picky but you should have said SHEEET.

  3. I'm neither rich nor creative enough to own a Mac... :-(

    Woe is me.

  4. I have a Mac, but it doesnt have me. But maybe only because I dont really have it. You know?

  5. Darren:

    Now I feel bad.


    I get where you are coming from brother.

  6. Why that man's moves are not on the National Curriculum (do we still have one of those?) for everyone under the age of 16 years of age to learn as a matter of priority is a scandal! You have to see them to believe them.

    Hey Daniel, great site - and a great read!



  7. CNL:

    Yep, there is a National Curriculum but it is in a rum state but no, JB is not on it and he should be.


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