Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ideal Present For Family & Friends: Blood Pressure Monitor

I think this sign, situated in my local pharmacy, speaks volumes about either my neighbourhood or the owner of the chemist.

I mean, who seriously thinks that a blood pressure monitor, a precursor to death, is an ideal present for family and friends? If I bought that for anyone I cared for, they'd punch me in the tit.

And how shockingly overpriced was the product in the first place?

But if any of my readers do want to pick up a cheap blood pressure monitor then make sure to drop me a line and I'll let you know where the shop is...


  1. That literally had me laughing out loud ... My Man has a blood pressure monitor. Sometimes the first thing he does is reaches under the bed to check his blood pressure. Nonetheless, I would NEVER buy one for him.

  2. Is this a wind up? The make of it is an OMRON - is that an anagram. Gonna try and make the show. Come down to the Barnet Unison shebang at the Claddagh ring on Friday if you can make it. We're gigging at 8.30pm


  3. Ellie:

    Glad it made you chuckle, the part of LDN I live in is very, very funny.


    It's not a wind up boss, it's a real sign near my gaff. And this Friday I'm at the pictures watching 2012 but keep me abreast of all your gigs.

  4. This is partly a test, but I can also claim to be able to reach down to my right and into the drawer there, carefully picking out the Boots BP monitor. For the record, it says 120/75 @ a BPM of 64. Yesterday, it said it needed new batteries, thoughtful as ever, I obliged...


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