Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Destroy the Trafigura Gag on the BBC: Blog This!

I hate Trafigura.

So to be given the chance to thwart their desperate efforts to silence the BBC, who ran an expose piece on the dumping of toxic waste in the Ivory Coast, gives me much pleasure. Sadly, the BBC bowed to the pressure and removed the piece but the blogging community can help put it straight with a wee bit of the Streisand effect.

Here are the two videos of the original, now pulled report...

And here is the PDF of the report itself. For more info on this, you could do far worse than paying a visit to Richard Wilson's blog right bloody here.

Here's what you can do to help and put an end to this kind of legal bullying: put the BBC videos up at your blog, as I have done, as well as a link to the PDF of the report.

I've leave the final word on the matter to the art of the excellent cartoonist Matthew Buck...


  1. The Carter-Ruck pic is a treat. I loved it when they wrote to 'Private Eye' asking them to stop referring to 'Carter Fuck' and got the reply to the effect that the Eye would be delighted to comply with this request. In future it would be 'Farter Fuck'.

    Firm but fair...

  2. Another excellent Matt Buck pic.

    Take care buddy.

  3. White Rabbit:

    Nice to have you by here, the link has been exchanged!


    Indeed, dude is a leg. Same to you man!


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