Saturday, 12 December 2009

Director Dan

Here is a collection of images I found of me directing, flowing on nicely from yesterday's post. The images are of a rehearsed reading I did a month or so ago, of a new play by Tomasz Aleksander Kocinski called 'Good Times' and I think they are a nice document of a time and place.


  1. Looks interesting, not that I have any knowledge of such matters. My last acting stint was as the Caterpillar in an Alice in Wonderland thing I did at roughly age 11.

    I'd be intereted to bring my camera along though just to see what I could extract from proceedings.

  2. interesting, I meant interesting...

    Bloody sticky keyboard!

  3. I can't explain it, but there is something quite Woody Allen Manhattan-esque about those photos.

    Maybe its the glasses and the black and white. Either way, they're fabulous. The sort of thing you should have framed into a collage.

  4. Caption for fifth picture:

    DHG: "Yes the nude scene is essential to the heart of the piece. Now remove your clothes, silly it, do it NOW!"

    The casting couch lives on...

  5. The girder makes a sort of 4th wall for the scene, as well.

  6. Brilliant to see you directing! Womderful stuff and great to pop in and see how things are in your world..

  7. Chris:

    Cheers for sharing the acting experience and I always think images of the process are always good.


    I agree, great pics taken by Eva-Jane Willis of course!


    You're a perv.


    Indeed, gives perspective too.


    The feeling is mutual.


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