Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Off to Milan...

Early to bed tonight as up at crack of dawn to make my way to Milan to do some filming, can't say what for just yet as can't breach me contract and all that but should be a fun project and never been to Italy before and got three days there; makes it all that more fun when it is at someone else's expense and you get per diems! Bring on the Euros!

Got some script to learn in Italian, which will be fun, although from previous shoots abroad it is just to get the mouth shape right and then they overdub a native's voice over mine. Then got plans to make of the not-to-be-missed bits of Milan, in the short time I am there of course but definitely think I want to get a piece of this bad boy...

As well as plenty of Italian scran when I'm over there and in order to get warmed up for my trip, I'm having a Sloppy Giuseppe tonight for me tea...

You heard!


  1. I used to work in Milan - its a fun city that never really stops. Fashion weeks are particularly entertaining.

  2. I love Italy, though I've only managed to get there a couple of time - the first was my honeymoon back in 2000. We were down in the Tuscany/Umbria/Rome area in August, so the chances are that Milan will be rather colder. Wrap up warm, and enjoy. A great place I could happily decamp to...

    Don't forget the ePostcard

  3. Rashbre:

    Cool, well I don't know how much time I'll have to take in the sights but will give it a go.


    Yes, I'm prepped for the cold, never been a big fan of Italy per se but looking forward to this trip.

  4. I wonder if you can get a bad meal. I doubt it. Enjoy! (And feel better).

  5. Mmmmm. Sloppy Joes, yum.

    Last summer when I was visiting my aunt in Iowa, I had a sandwich called a "guinea-grinder", which was basically a marina-y sloppy joe on a hoagie bun with mozarella and banana peppers. It was pretty yummy.

    A better name might be "messy guiseppe".

  6. that shouldnt read "marina", but rather "marinara", which makes a lot more sense, food-wise.


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