Monday, 14 December 2009

Polish Girls Massage

In what is becoming something of a running theme here at Blurred Clarity, I have found more homemade signs stuck to street furniture in my neighbourhood.

This time, not only do they advertise the chance of a Polish girl giving you a massage, they are also cleverly designed so that you can rip off and keep the number for when the moment strikes you that you need a Polish girl massaging you, rather than you having to write it down, or insert it into your phone filed under Polish girl massage or something more cryptic if you have a wife.

Upon closer inspection you may have noticed that it doesn't actually advertise massage but something else called 'masagge', which one can only assume is just like massage but done by Polish girls in very bad English and for the record, massage in Polish seems to be 'MASAŻ'. However, if you step further back from the advert in question, the full horror of the situation hits home...

That's right, a cheap advert for Polish sex workers is attached to the face of a child advertising good road crossing practice for Haringey Council.


  1. Fascinating stuff. Squeamish? Bah. I read it while I was eating breakfast. Disgusting and morid..But fascinating.



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