Monday, 7 December 2009

"This Isn't the Right Thing to do, so Let's Go"

Life breaks a person slowly

Forming them into a mangled wreck

That passes for an adult

The breaking, the gradual damage, comes to define you:

A pilot flying a plane that is going to crash


  1. Failure isn't about falling down, it's about staying down...

    We have the choice. We can either get broken or choose to fight on. But we carry the wounds, because we are defined by experience. Afterall, we are just the sum of everything that's ever happened to us.

  2. Well said Darren.

    One of the most moving things I ever heard read was a friend of mine who did a humanist take on the stations of the cross. For those of you who are not conversant, this is a catholic tradition, where you go through the stages between Jesus getting his sentence and getting crucified. In this he falls 3 times and gets up to carry on with his journey.

    The point was that Jesus, the man, the mortal being, dragged himself off the floor to complete his journey and die as a man on a cross, a victim of political & religious repression.

    It probably had the opposite effect on me to what was intended, but I like the concept of dragging yourself off the floor, to complete your mission, however futile that may be.

    I think the world needs "bloody minded individuals" who don't give up, whatever their shape, sex, colour or creed. Sorry for the rambling comment, hope it makes some sort of sense.


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