Sunday, 31 January 2010

Fuck Off Back to Eton

You haven't won it yet you bastards!


  1. Video here, if you're interested.

    I don't like anarchists as a rule, though I am entertained by the response.

  2. Whitechapel Anarchists sure have been busy. And what's wrong with anarchists jslayeruk?

  3. JSlayerUK:

    Thanks for that sir, anarchists are alright, needs thinking out a bit but not against them per se.


    Indeed they have. Are you an anarchist dude?

  4. Daniel, would have to say I am opposed to the existence of the State, I am all for individual self-determination, I am all for mutual aid, I am all for self-reliance and self-sufficiency and I believe that individuals acting locally and organising themselves can always function way better than any hierarchical structure can. I think I just need a lot of time to convince everyone of that. Feel free to attach the label ;)

  5. Posters with so much white space on them invite further comment.

  6. Highlander:

    Fair play sir!


    Indeed they do.


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