Monday, 11 January 2010

Hide My Ass Because I'm a Coward

The old adage of normal person+Internet+anonymity=asshat (don't forget the other version of that equation which is: damaged, lonely person+Internet+anonymity=deeply, deeply disturbed borderline psychotic obsessive asshat) is of course horribly true and one of the things that makes the Internet a drag at times.

But I had an epiphany just the other day, which is that anyone who uses a fake identity, anonymity or any other method of hiding who they are really cannot be taken at all seriously. If you are not able to put your name to your ideas, words and concepts; you really can't hold them with that much conviction and strength. It's either that or you are ashamed of them.

That doesn't mean of course that you can't hold stupid, backward and idiotic ideas if you put your name to them but at least you have the courage of your convictions, a willingness to stand by your ideas and vice-versa, not all writers that hide behind anonymity are fools but there is only so far I think you can go with them.

Of course, anonymous cowards when faced with this fact cry about their identity being on a 'need to know basis' which is a terrible justification for being an intellectual weakling and for me means that the nonsense they write is on a need to know basis and I really don't need to fucking know.

The funniest thing to me is that I get these freaks visiting my site hiding behind a web proxy, something that disguises where they are visiting my website from and their IP address and whatnot. This is funny for two reasons: firstly that they are so cowardly that they have to cloak who they are (no doubt justifying their cowardice with some James Bond fantasies and delusional concepts about the preciousness of their identity) and secondly, that for all their protestations of loathing for me, they just can't stay away from me.


  1. 100% agreed, Daniel. Plus, you've gotta think that at least the internet allows all those borderline maniacs to unleash their obsessions, almost like a "shrink"... What would they do without it? Now that's quite a worrying thought.

  2. I don't mind the bloggerati knowing who I am, although its desirable to keep my 'work' and 'play' identities separate. I think there's a few others like me in this regard.

    Best, rashbre

  3. I created my pseudonym to prevent my ex from following me around teh interwebs by googling my real name (although I'm not overly bothered about that now, to be honest). But I quite like 'flaneur', so I'm carrying on using it. Besides, you know my real world identity, anyway. Hope you had a good time over in Yankland.

  4. And now I see that by commenting under my Google account brings up my real name anyway.


  5. Well, I certainly favor the strong speech rights that we have in the United States, even while I am aware that certain materials (like ography) change the very pathways of our brains and might--by the Chinese government, at least) be construed as a public health issue.

    I hope the U.S. Supreme Court continues to protect online anonymity in the future as China, Iran and our Pentagon have strated that it is entirely possible to police the Internet.

    But I've decided to go "public" following my experiences. It's funny, I visited my old blog site and found that that asshat that was issuing threats a year ago STILL talks of me. Let it go, asshat, it's been a full turn of the earth around the sun, for Christ's sake!

    The only advice I can give you is to stop fighting w/ the Internet. You must adopt the policy that the U.S. government takes to ists: At least officially we do NOT negotiate. Ignore and delete. Ignore and delete. Repeat if necessary.

    Give them not another thought. I know it's hard. I'm trying to forget this little trollop that dumped me a week ago. The emotional part of my brain often trumps reason.

  6. By the way, dialup Internet access was a good way to overcome an online addiction. :)

  7. Be grateful of the attention. I don't get any visitors to my blog (only those looking for music gear reviews or my detailed analysis of "In the Night Garden), and the messages that are left often just there to encourage me to buy illicit viagara, which is a bit like trying to sell ice cubes to a polar bear. My hard-on rages so that I am actually using it now to type this message, so excuse the tpoys.

    But yeah, I've had it happen when I've accidentally "revealed" the identity of someone online as the webmaster of a music forum and these people bleat and bleat and bleat about privacy and anonymity etc. Like they are the only John Smith in the world or whatever.

    But then most people who contribute to web forums (or any forum or debates) are by nature attention-seeking arseholes. I include myself. I write this comment as an attention-seeking arsehole because to engage with someone online invariably boils down to the need to actually want someone to engage with you.

    Uh, I've got a headache now...

  8. One more analogy for you. Imagine the Internet as the network that is the human brain. You may choose not to "receive" messages from rogue nuerons. Lacking connections, they will wither and die.

  9. I agree with all of this.

    I also recognise the hypocrisy of doing so.

    D'oh, I think.

  10. Before I go to bed, I got to clear something up.

    I am not having a go at all you fine people that make fine blogs and do so with varying levels of anonymity; although I do stand by the idea that a certain level of anonymity does weaken the weight and feel of what you say but it also depends on the kind of stuff you're saying.

    I just think that if you're putting your political views out there, which many of you don't, you should also put your real name against them.

    I also think that most of you round these parts are not very anonymous at all, in that you have emails out there, or blog on a personal level or I have met you or whatever.

    This was more about the trolls and idiots that haunt large blogs, message boards, forums and other such places to vomit their bile, gleefully hiding like the cowards they are behind fake identities and anonymity while smearing people left, right and centre; or just merely expounding worthless, vile views.


    I do think that I have given far too many maniacs free therapy and sexual release (without knowing it) and I want some money for all the good I do them.


    Your not an anon coward, I've met you sir and read your book, you're a fine man.


    Nice to have you around man, real nice, always keep me abreast of your movements please.



    D. Quail:

    I've met you too so you don't count either. ;-)

  11. I've always been identifiable as me and I don't care. I can understand that some people want anonymity or more accurately pseudonymity but what is deeply unattractive - and cowardly - is launching off on highly personalised abuse of some unfortunate from behind the shelter of anonymity. The worst examples of this use closed profiles that don't even lead to a blog or other contact details or are by invitation only.

  12. Indeed white Rabbit, speaking of which, some coward troll is using your blog to leave horrible personal attacks on me like the scum they are so please delete it for me.

    Thanks sir.

  13. I have a few fans of my blog who say the loveliest things about me. There's one particular guy who occasionally emails me and usually calls me things which suggest that I'm rather fond of gay sex with people who originate from the middle east. I find it quite bizarre that anyone could think such statements would actually upset a 47 year old punk rock guitarist. There are many things which burn me, but comments about my sexuality (or any other aspect of my life) by people who don't actually know me? Don't think so somehow.

  14. Indeed Rog, what the troll cowards don't get is that their anger towards us speaks about their failings, not ours.

    Poor sad bastards.

  15. hey, sugar! came over from white rabbit to find out what had happen to ya'll. last year i was hit by a "troll" who not only hurt me, but went after my husband. i almost deleted my blog and then realized i had far more internet friends than enemies! i also decided that i would use the delete option as needed! i do hope y'all have seen the last of them. xoxoxo

  16. I've left this comment over at yours but I'll leave it here too because your comment made my day!

    Can I just say that your comment means so much, so good to have someone who has experienced it too and knows how it feels, really grateful for that, you are a star madam!

    Your experience sounds just like mine, I'd like to link to you if I may and I'll be reading often, nice that someone thing good has come out of all of this.



  17. Last night I came up with an analogy for being anonymous online and I want to document here 'cuz I think it's pretty cool:

    "I can only listen so long to someone shouting from behind a massive wall, with a balaclava on and using an auto tune for so long, before I walk away and leaving shouting in an empty room."

  18. I've been Daveawayfromhome for so long that it is my name. If you'd like to know my actual birth certificate name, I'll tell you, but I'm too paranoid to publish it for the world to do with as it pleases. Plus, none of my opinions are actually worth backing up with my real name.

    On the other hand, were you to google my real name, you would never, ever find me, because you'd be swamped by information about a same-named famous person, so maybe I shouldnt worry so much.

  19. I think you make a good point in your second paragraph, it depends what your real name is because mine is totally unique, it being a coming together of my mother and father's surnames; which of course does present problems but only for scum that want to make it a problem.


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