Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I Know I'm Supposed to Blog About DC but...

I've been back in the UK all of two days and my agent, being as brilliant as they are, got me my first audition of 2010, which I think is pretty impressive and of course it's good to get back on the horse (the horse in this case being the audition process) so soon into the new year.

Today's audition just happened to be at one of my favourite casting places where the staff are real cool, mainly because they love Black Flag but also because they make your time there top notch and are just all round good chaps.

So anyways, I stroll up in the snow and all is well, do the usual signing in thing and put all my personal details down and inside leg measurements and have a photo taken and look through the script (which is in reality a bunch of set-ups, scenarios and ideas, so all good) and then crack on with reading my current tome, Henry Rollins' "Smile, You're Travelling".

Ahead of time, which is odd in an audition, I hear my name called out, casting director's hand is shook and I am walked into the audition room to meet the director and whatnot and then it is time to do my stuff.

It's funny, I must have done hundreds of auditions in a thirteen year career but after a gap, you kind of forget what they are like and my last one was the middle of December so it's like having to remember all over again how weird they can be. So I do the action as required (I forgot to mention that I had to be naked from the waist up...fear not, it isn't pr0n, just a shower scene and stare straight down the lens) and it all goes well and the director then asks me to do less, more subtle, less movement; which is cool even though I wasn't doing that much in the first place, so I go for it again and he wants even less. Having not been in an audition for a while and kind of forgetting myself and finding all this quite funny (still being topless and all), I decide to stare into the camera, as requested and do absolutely nothing...and guess what? He loves it.

Welcome back to the actor's life!

Note: trying to find an image for this post I Googled: stare into the camera and do absolutely nothing and these are just a few of the treats that came up...(and I promise to blog about DC tomorrow)


  1. Yikes! I could use a (literary) agent like that! Result.....

    Could you mention to the young lady in the green bikini that it seems to be coming adrift?

    I don't think she's noticed.


  2. Well spotted!

    And they just got me another one for tomorrow!


  3. Excellent start to the year eh! Hope it goes well tomorrow and that 2010 continues in such a positive vein!

  4. "I decide to stare into the camera, as requested and do absolutely nothing"

    The director obviously sees your inner skills and beauty!

  5. Beth:

    Indeed it is, let's hope it keeps going that way.


    You are too kind good sir, far too kind!


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