Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I Love Gary Neville

Manchester United played arch rivals and subhuman scum Manchester City in the Rumbelows...sorry, Carling League Cup, last night at Deadlands, they beat us 2-1 with both goals scored by Carlos motherfucking Tevez, who then celebrated his goal in front of United legend and one of the finest right-backs of all time, Gary "Che Guevara" Neville.

Gary Neville responded thus...

Hence, why I love him.


  1. I never knew you're a United fan, Daniel?
    Going for the easy option, eh? ;-)

  2. Similar to Claude, Daniel. But I hope you can now feel the love emanating from Highlander.

    I had to listen to the delighted squeals of my next door neighbour threw the wall last night.... errrr... that sounds wrong. Let me clarify, she's a City fan married to a United fan so she kicked off, so to speak, at full time. While I left the room cursing all things Blue.

    Here's me suitably bedecked in United scarf and hat keeping out the cold.

    And fucking Craig Bellamy - what a cheating bastard. We'll have 'em at Old Trafford. (We better after going out the FA cup to Leeds)

  3. Claude:


    Only kidding but you have given me an idea for a blog post...


    Nice to have a fellow Man Utd man by here sir and you are right, we'll do them at home, no doubt of that and don't even start me on Craig fucking Bellamy!

  4. I'm saying nuffin! :D

    Maybe singing 'Neville, Neville, your face is a mess' to the tune of Rebel Rebel though.

  5. HA! You're a Leeds man aren't you? So is a good pal of mine but I still fucking hate them, I got spat on as a 12 year old boy at Elland Road as a young United fan and I still hold the 92 title against you bastards...LEE FUCKING CHAPMAN!

  6. Daniel,

    I see that your comment moderation policy about abusive messaes doesn't apply to Craig Bellamy.

    By the way, I thought you were from Nottingham. A bit far North for a rag? Is that why you moved to London.

    I suppose you agree with Fergie that Berbatov is better than Tevez?

  7. Damn right Rog (presume you're a Barnet fan? Barry Fry and all that), damn bloody right, football rivalries exist above anything so petty as comment moderation. As for why I support the best team in the world, I'm blogging on that later.

    And Fergie is always right, when you've won as much as he has, you then have the right to disagree.

  8. i totally get this rivalry! lines have been drawn within the coconut krewe for this weekends divisional championship...minnesota vikings v. THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS, baby! xoxox

  9. When it comes to football (American style) I'm a big Steelers fan, ever since my uncle brought me a huge poster when I was 10. I love American sports!

  10. Apologies for bringing your comment policy into disrepute Daniel. I'm suitably ashamed (and I didn't swear once)

  11. Ignore Rog Highlander, he's not normally so po-faced, it can't be easy being a Barnet fan...


  12. Daniel,

    I don't know where you got the idea that I'm a Barnet fan from. Whilst I have a soft spot for Barnet, my allegiance is most definately with Manchester City FC.

    As for Garry Neville. You may well love him, but I tend to agree with Carlos Tevez that he's a sock sucking tarado.

    I have no doubt that supporting Manchester United has been an easier ride with more ups than downs and I begrudge no one a few moments of pleasure in a harsh world.

    I summed up my attitude to United fans in this blog - Manchester United supporters - Enjoy


    I still love you Rog and your excellent work in the Borough of Barnet, I just thought you were from Barnet, so that you'd support Barnet but like me to chose to dabble elsewhere for the footy kicks. Fair play to you.

    And yes, Tevez has started running his mouth off, in Spanish of course because even though he's been in England since the beginning of time, the poor thick sod can't learn basic English, bless him.

    And he's lonely I read...

    BOO HOO!

    Seriously though, I read your blog and United fans are a much maligned bunch, esp. now and things weren't always that way and BTW, I was at the 5-1 loss, just as I was at the 3-3 draw against City when McClair got 2 in a minute...can't remember if that was 90 or 91.

    Heady stuff.

  14. Just checked, it was 1990. Great game that was, City was robbed!

  15. Dan,

    Every City game is a great game, it's just the results that go wrong occasionally. Half my family are Man U fans, so it ain't personal (except on match days).

    In fact the most admiral comment I've ever heard was from a Man U fan at the 1977 Man City Vs Man Utd Derby. United won 3-1. It was Colin Bell's big comeback from injury. He got crocked and was stretchered off. I was in the Utd part of the Kippax as I'd gone with my cousins. As Bell was lying postrate, a United fan next to us started shouting abuse at him. An old man who was a United support told him in no uncertain terms to shut the fuck up, because Bell was an England great and it was a tragedy. That is class that I can only aspire to


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