Thursday, 28 January 2010

What I Made When I Went to Milan...

You may recall when I went off to Milan at the start of December to do some acting and ended up saying something very rude by mistake and meeting the lovely and very talented Danny Alder.

Well, what we made was a very clever idea for an IKEA advert and here it is, I think it's grand and contains many magical moments of pure comedy gold, including my incredible Italian voiceover. Look out for the virals based on me and Danny's game of charades, if anyone who speaks Italian can please tell me what my guesses are, it would be much appreciated. Obviously, I understand Star Wars...



  1. Hello Daniel,
    Great stuff! Just wanted to say thank you for the code! :-) I managed to get it sorted on my page, so wicked!
    Anyway, hope your ok!
    (Love reading your blog! Sound like a busy guy!)


  2. I'd like a job where I get flown to foreign climes to jump around and be silly.

    Molto bene!

  3. hilarious, sugar! most of the time i only hear about the "toolbelt monkeys" on the other side of the camera! ;~D xoxo

  4. "it's a film!"..."Yeah"..."Which one is it?".

    Brilliant stuff, Daniel :-)

  5. Savannah:

    Why thank you, it's a nice bit of work I think and if you visit here often you'll always get the other side of the showbiz game.


    Grazie mille!

  6. Great comedy and a totally unexpected ending.


  7. As Rashbre says: totally unexpected. Love it!

  8. In what is proving to be a spectacularly shit couple of weeks, that really made me smile - thank you!

  9. Beth:

    So glad I could be of use to you and should see me on Beatles Rock Band sir!


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