Monday, 22 February 2010

Comments Deleted. I Stand With You

As I'm sure all my readers are aware, I have been blessed for some time with an Internet stalker called The Sentinel (who now hides his profile and his website, thus maintaining a lengthy period of consistent cowardice), who rarely uses that name now but prefers to steal other people's identities (like Douglas Clark a fine blogger, who has written a great piece on The Sentinel right here, that I urge you to read) including mine and/or other glorious non de plumes such as Curious Freedom, Dave, John Walters nee Rubicon, Tony Drummond, Avid, Johnny O, Mr E, Terry O'Neill...the list goes on and on and on.

The obsessed web stalker goes to places I go (anonymously mind, hiding his ass behind proxy servers and by places I mean websites, not actual places, that would too fraught with actual danger for the coward) and then says horrendous things about me, normally accusing me of rape (of a Nigerian girl in London in 1997, not realising I didn't actually live in London in 1997 and oddly the Nigerian girl has an Egyptian male name...honestly, if you're going to smear someone with baseless, nasty lies, at least do it accurately, you cretin), being a sex abuser of children (an enhanced CRB checked abuser obviously, with no criminal record and who has been working with children and young people very successfully and safely since he was 17, you'd think both these things would've showed up wouldn't you?) and if that fails, of being fat, having yellow teeth and of swearing a lot on the Internet.

And with regards to the last charge, the sad, sick cunt can go fuck himself.

I would be lying if I told you this isn't a drag, it is but it has had it's unexpected upsides. First off, it makes me so glad that I am not him: some obsessive, mentally deranged fool sat at a keyboard leaving an endless raft of comments that always, always get deleted. As Albert Einstein said: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." I am lucky to be loved, wealthy and happy and not needing to fill my life with pathetic attempts to hurt others, who I don't even know.

The second upside is the friends I have made because of his stalking and the increased bond with friends I already have, that have shown their brilliance by supporting me so well. Never mind the aforementioned and quite excellent gentlemen Douglas Clark and his blog Dougie's Place, I can now call Left Outside and Savannah comrades because of this, united in disgust at these attacks.

The pals I already have have been grand, whether it is flesh and blood offers, like Stephen and Terry's willingness to kick the scumbag's face in and Jonny's ruminations on making a Cracker like phychological profile for me. My virtual friends have also been great, with offensive comments speedily deleted and relationships strengthened through communication and a bond being made in the face of a common enemy; that always brings people together. Thank you one and all for your support.

The title of this post came from an email Ellie sent me, to tell me that the offensive comments at hers had been deleted, it made my heart swell with pride.

I then found a video of my personal hero, Henry Rollins, fronting my favourite band of all time Black Flag at some venue in Germany. He get's hit in the face by a beer can, thrown by some twat in the crowd and naturally he wants to stave the guys face in with a mic stand. The guy bottles out of course and Henry gives an impassioned speech about just wanting to play and do his thing.

This video speaks volumes to me, beer cans thrown by some coward in a crowd, it won't stop me, I will keep playing on.


  1. sugar, i am honored to be listed as a friend and comrade! xoxoxox

  2. Your words of kindness a month or so ago were absolutely precious to me so huge thanks to you.

  3. You got pwned...

    The first rule of dealing with stalkers is that you DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MEANS OF VALIDATING THEIR EXISTENCE. You've done that by this post. If you have any sense (and I know that you do), please take this post down and never refer to this idiot again. You are just adding fuel to the fire, my boy. You is making him angry by doing this.

    Ignore, ignore, ignore...

    Why ignore? Because the reason they are here (the reason all of us are here on the web, surely?) is that he WANTS YOUR ATTENTION. You've just given it to him, dude. So he wins.

    At least your stalker didn't want to leave her husband and come to the UK to start a new life. That's what happened to me 1997 when I innocently started flirting online with an American lady. From my chair, it was just a harmless bit of fun. From her chair, I was some British knight in armour saving her from a loveless, violent marriage. This was before the days of webcams and cyber-wanking, so there was nothing remotely sordid about it...just sad 'cos I got a nutter.

    I remember she managed to track me down to the company I worked and phoned me in the middle of the day, in a packed office, threatening to kill herself as I'd cut off all virtual communication with her when I realised what I was dealing with. Being a heartless bastard, I told her to do it because we weren't going any further and I put the phone down. I never heard from her again. But an online friend told me later that she'd had a number of guys on the go at the same time and snared a bloke in the US and so moved out to him.

    When I told the Missus, she laughed. "You didn't even get a shag out of it for all your troubles," she said. And ever since then, I've kept my distance from the net and online "friendships".

    It's not something I'm proud of, but let it be a warning to those who get involved. You just don't know who or what you are dealing with.

    PS. Yeah P.I.L. are OK - but I prefer Wobble. Lydon is a hero, not a musical hero though.

  4. Darren:

    Appreciate your honesty and frankness, I also know that you are a degree but the trouble is this has been going on for some time, my silence on it makes no difference, of course I could stop doing anything online at all, no doubt that would please the stalker but I will not retreat or surrender.

    I wrote this post because so many people have been so supportive and wanted a chance to say thanks but I know where you're coming from and am grateful my stalker doesn't want to marry me.

    Not yet anyway...

  5. Dan,

    I'm with Darren on this one. Every seconds worth of energy you use up on this cretin is a drip of energy you could use on something more productive.

  6. Indeed Rog T but thankfully, all I did was put up a blog post about it, as catharsis, as celebration and that didn't take much time at all but understand where you're coming from.

  7. I really do think your sad/lonely/creepy stalker fancies you secretly :-)

    However, I'm with Darren on this. I know it's difficult, but ignore the fucker. Don't give him any attention.

    He'll probably have a rich wank after reading this post, so take it down...!

  8. Hey, I forgot to say as it may not have come across. You have my full support against the stalking nutter:-)

    (I wonder if he has a tattoo of you on his chest like the famous Alan Partridge episode with the bloke from Chester).

  9. Thanks Claude, I knew that, I have you filed under pals I already had and that stepped in to help.

    I hope he is tattooed up nicely with my fat Jew yellow teethed head.


  10. Erm..I think it was Ellie who emailed you.

    Although god knows I wish my blog was as good as hers...


  11. What an embarrassing gaff by me, I am a tit, apologies!

  12. Whether you take down this post is up to you big fella, just here to say 'solidarity' 'n' all that.

  13. Seems bothersome. However, it surprising what one can track back via the internet caches these days. Also handy to drop eXTRreMe tracker or similar into the blog code.

  14. Highlander:

    I knew that boss! You're a man to be trusted.


    Indeed it is bothersome, I'll take your advice on board.

  15. Daniel,

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    It is the identity theft that concerns me. So far pre-moderation on my own blog appears effective, however, who knows?

    I thought long and hard about the publicity angle before I posted my comments on this extremely childish behaviour. I decided that this sort of attack ought to be highlighted for what it is, and by publicly refuting it, at least bring the possibility to others that not everything that appears under our names is, in fact, from us.

  16. Douglas Clark:

    Thanks for stopping by and lending your real name to this comment thread and refuting the words of the coward, that hides behind your name in order to expose their own petty ignorance.

    I linked to you here in order to offer a reference point and documentation of what has occurred to you, that you in turn can use to send to people as a shorthand of what has gone on.

    I also did so to show that I stand with you and that you are an innocent man. Everyone here knows that.

    Remember that this witless coward is see-through, their mis-use of your name goes to a profile that is hidden, yours does not, you are also blessed that Douglas Clark is a common name, so such smears fall on deaf ears, lost in the mass of Google findings out there. No one will confuse you for him.

    Also, the idiot fails to grasp that anonymous smears by an obsessive, mentally ill web cretin do not make the best source for personal references on people. Just a thought troll! They are also chronically over-estimating their impact on the Internets. Another feature of the self-aggrandising behaviour and delusional grasp of reality.

    And I thought all readers would be interested to know, sure you will be Douglas, that not only does the coward hide behind a stolen name, they also spent nigh on two hours on this blog last night/4am this morning, using proxy servers, of course, one of which was not very good at hiding what they looked at.

    Oh dear. Obsessed much?

    They are UK based, of course, still on Windows XP, which speaks volumes.

    They insist on using a royal 'we' to hide the fact we all know who it is: The Sentinel, modus operandi is the same (cowardly, personal, weak), times on the Internet (bizarre times in the morning), the same and uses of phrases/obsessive nature of debate, all the same.

    Jealousy, anger and personal failure oozes from his every comment, he hides behind a fake name, he hides his IP, yet bandies terms like coward around. HA!

    So web-stalker coward bitch, how about you put up or shut the fuck up and come see if Stephen and Terry are as imaginary as you think?

    You know my email cunt, time to step up, or fuck off.

  17. Gosh this sounds terrible!
    Internet stalkers just amaze me. I mean there is seriosuly no point to what they do! Exactly, what do they get from it? By being vicious and horrible about you, he got? . . . exactly, he got nothing! It's just so pointless!
    Anyways glad your'e all ok and still blogging pal!

  18. Oh Daniel,
    You left no "What Happened To Maria?" paragraph!!! hahah!
    Any ideas what happened to her?

  19. So web-stalker coward bitch, how about you put up or shut the fuck up and come see if Stephen and Terry are as imaginary as you think?

    You know my email cunt, time to step up, or fuck off.

    You game bitch?

  20. Cheers Daniel,

    I should also have said thank you for your support, that of the mods on Liberal Conspiracy and Pickled Politics and to the sensible readers out there who can distinguish between fact and fantasy.

    As far as I am concerned, rather like 'The Highlander' I am writing this in solidarity with you.

    Like your blog btw!

  21. No worries mate, my pleasure and you'll be glad to know that even though I'm willing to meet the coward, he keeps refusing the opportunity to do so, just like he did last time. All mouth, no trousers.

    He's spending a lot of time here now, pretty desperate, as his obsession gets the better of him. Poor sod, death would be a release for him, hopefully he'll do the right thing.


  22. Still no email bitch? Scared are you? Come on cunt! Get with it, I dare you! Come on you obsessed freak, meet me in the flesh.

  23. For the record:

    Trolling Internet obsessive has now, thanks to me pointing out how wrong they are, changed the name of the rape victim to Abagbe, the first Nigerian girls name you'll get in an A-Z list of them.

    How pathetic is that? And that sure makes it believable now bitch!


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