Friday, 26 February 2010

Eva-Jane Willis Meets Patti Smith

Because she's awesome, Eva-Jane was invited to the premiere of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland as a VIP, which is pretty cool, so last night she was out on the green carpet in Leicester Square mixing it with the famous and the not so famous.

The film by the way according to her, is great.

Anyway, as we were in bed last night, drifting to sleep, Eva started to mention that she had shared a car with...Patti...(the name then came to her out of the blue) Smith?

As in the Patti Smith? As in the Godmother of punk rock? As in poet, songstress and musical legend? As in the author of one of the finest albums of all time: 'Horses'? As in the wife of guitar legend Fred 'Sonic' Smith? As in the all round intelligent, powerful and wonderfully unique female artists of the last 40 years?



Good job it was Eva-Jane that was travelling with her and hanging out with her on the green carpet and not me. I'd have made an ass of myself, geeking out on that woman's artistic brilliance and no doubt making her very uncomfortable. Eva didn't know her from Adam/Eve, which was a blessing and is a far better lubricant to good social interaction.


  1. Patti Smith I hear you say? Lucky Eva Jane, the woman's a legend on so many levels!

  2. great story, sugar! reminds me of the time, the MITM came home and told the coconut krewe he'd played 18 holes with some musicians...all he could remember was that one of the guys had a bug name...flea. the krewe hit the floor as one and yelled, YOU PLAYED GOLF WITH THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS?! too funny. xoxoox

  3. Shane McGowan appears to have been semi-decapitated.

    I can't say I'm surprised.

  4. Tales of the stars, eh? Well I once slammed the gent's toilet door into the oncoming face of Martin Clunes. I also held the lift for John McEnroe. The lift was the same size as a service lift and we stood chest to chest with each other - well it was more chest to chin as McEnroe is the size of a small child. I didn't realise who it was at first and then I nearly had a girly fit. But I held it in...because I am a man...yes, indeed.

  5. Sara:

    Indeed she is, I was quite blown away.


    I think it is best when you don't know who they are, makes for a better time all round.


    I'm feeling you.

    Matthew Joseph Johnson:

    I'm not a fan to be truthful and I don't find alcoholism attractive. Sorry.

    white rabbit:

    Indeed he does, no doubt with copious amounts of alcohol.


    Any prog rock legends encountered, who would make you swoon?

  6. This is the fake Douglas Clark here, leaving a comment, albeit, hiding behind an identity I've stolen (you'll know it is me because unlike the real and honourable Douglas Clark, I do not show my profile page), to apologise to Eva-Jane and to all of you that had to read my vile and contemptible nonsense.

    I don't know what is wrong with me, I cannot control myself, I'm lashing out at people I do not know, via the Internet, because I am a sad and hateful person with deep, deep personal issues, verging on extreme metal health concerns.

    I can only apologise, profusely, for my outburst and my personal failings and hope that soon, I will find peace, either in death or in treatment for my serious problems.


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