Thursday, 11 February 2010

Still Ill


  1. I too have the dreaded lurgy. Been coughing myself inside out for the past 3 days and am guzzling Lemsip by the bucketload.

  2. Forgot to say. I love that song and Johnny Marr was the coolest guitarist ever.

  3. Jez:

    Lemsip is the past and the future rolled into a powdered high my good friend, I can't get enough of that shit.


    All will be clear soon and yes, Marr is an awesome guitarist.

  4. Daniel! Hope ur seriously preparing for Boswana, though I would have wished Ghana would be on-focus, too;-)

    Seriously hope you get better, mate! Been ill for two weeks myself with coughs left, right, centre, with a sprinkling of sore throat and sneezes for good measure;-)

  5. Comrade Bensah:

    Botswana is now off the schedule, although a visit to East Africa is not off the cards for me, for now Venice will have to do and perhaps Africa later in the year but if I come anywhere near you I'll let you know for a grand tour of the Black Star Nation!

  6. That sounds cool!

    BTW, Just chanced on your Craig Murray link. The guy is good! He was on local television late last year to give his insights as a retired diplomat of the British Embassy in Ghana a couple of years his candour! You picked a great one there!

  7. Yes, Craig is a legend, make sure you link to him and read him often, he knows plenty about your continent.


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