Wednesday, 17 February 2010

What I Made When I Went to Barcelona and is Now on in Italy...

Well that was quick!

Akita Film did a real speedy turn around from the shoot to getting this edited and together for Italian TV so fair play to them.

It's a nice spot and good to see me and good pal and fellow Notts lad Martin Collins in 'summat together, feels weird me being the 'Good Twin', I usually play the 'bad guy' or the slightly incompetent one but Martin has taken that role on with some aplomb, so I get to be all suave and have a serious side-parting.

Well, without further ado here it is...


  1. even without understanding a bit of italian...xoxoxo

  2. Great hair styling. Amazing how quickly they've turned this around. Nicely done.

  3. I'm amused at the way commercials are made in europe--amused and impressed. British actors in Spain for an Italian commercial. Beats the hell out of my job, that's for sure. Nice job. Nice reel, too. I miss your wild hair, but I guess you're into a new phase of your career.

  4. Cheers all, hair very Polo Ralph Lauren in this bad boy and Uphill Rider, I know you loved my previous do but it had to go.

  5. I don't speak the language but... that was hilarious. Brilliant!

  6. I can't take you seriously ... even with the hairdoo.

  7. I can do serious, some times, you know, really I am quite scary...



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