Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Follow The River: For Michael

Oldest friend
Walking on a wire
It's never the end
Walking through the fire
You are my brother
Together we still stand
My oldest friend
Take my hand

Over the rooftops
And the streets below
This was our kingdom
This was our show
Our hearts beat in time
Where the river bends
Our hearts beat together
Take my hand

Stay true
To your path
Be lucky brother
Hold fast
Follow the river
Back to where it starts
Use the water like a mirror
Look into our hearts

Meet me at the graveyard
Tomorrow night
We can lay on our backs
Staring at the sky
We can talk about the future
Like we used to do
Where did all the time go?
Where did it go?

Did we keep our promises
We made to ourselves
Look into each others eyes
Do we make each other proud?

Did we stay true
To the path?
I love you brother
Hold fast
Did we follow the river
Back to where it starts?
And use the water like a mirror
And look into our hearts


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