Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My Last Five Girlfriends Preview

You may recall that some time ago I got a part in my first feature film, having only done short films previously, managing to secure a supporting role as the lead actor's best friend was something of a breakthrough and lo the film was called "My Last Five Girlfriends". Since then it has to gone on to do great things in New York and then Edinburgh.

Well, I've had to keep it under my hat for some time now but the movie got picked up by Paramount Pictures (which is, as you can imagine, is a very fucking big deal) and it is on general release across some 100 cinemas in the UK from this Friday the 19th March (unfortunately, no US release, not yet anyway).

Tonight, I'm going to the preview type premiere thang (not as spectacular as Eva's green carpet trip with Patti Smith of course, this was a low budget affair) at the ICA to not only see the film for the first time but to also see how much I have been cut out, or not, indeed, much of my best work may indeed be laying around on the cutting room floor but hey, that's the actors life.

I'm quite excited and nervous at the same time.

Now, with small budget films like this, we need to pull out all the stops in terms of people seeing it over the next few weekends, otherwise it'll disappear not long after it has come out so this is where you chaps come in.


Here is the trailer to wet your appetite and I'll let you know how it all went as soon as I can.


  1. Daniel,

    Best of luck! Hope it gets good reviews.

  2. really cool, sugar! i'll put a link up tomorrow, ok? xoxox

  3. HG, I've read nothing but bad reviews about this movie. I hope that your cameo is the best thing in it!!!

  4. Weldone mate! Un-frotunatley my works computer doesn't let me view videos. But . . . as soon as I get home. I will check it out for you bud!
    Nice one mate!

  5. This was reviewed by Wossy last night on Film 2010 where he called it a strong contender for the worst film ever made, which is strong for him as he's usually quite forgiving of Brit films.

    I'm hoping that you got cut just so you don't have it blighting your CV!

  6. Followed Savannah's link to see what this was all about and find myself terribly excited for a total stranger. Good luck with it, if it's on in Carlisle (highly unlikely I guess) I'll drag my boys to it over the weekend.

  7. Even if it dont make theatre release in the U.S. (and it looks like it could to me), then it'll at least make the Netflix list. I look forward to it.

  8. douglas clark:

    Thanks sir, you're too kind.


    Very kind of you Savannah, too kind indeed, really appreciate it.


    Jeez man, you're bringing the love. Indeed the reviews have not been good but fuck 'em, I've seen it and the film is good, not the best ever made but a good film and what is annoying is that much of the criticism is well off the mark and some of it, directed towards Brendan Patricks, is far too harsh and personal for my tastes.

    But I am in it and proud to be so and am above the fold in terms of credits, so more than cameo I am in the thing.

    As for Jonathan Ross, he hasn't even seen the film, I don't like him, attacking a low budget UK feature is not really particularly cool, esp. as some of the ones he loves are dire and I'd go yourself and make up your own mind.

    As for blighting CVs, I've done Heartbeat and Sound of Music, this film is not a blight, it's a fine bit of work, shame others can't see that.

    Jessica Harper:

    Thanks Jessica, things are going very well at the mo.

    Eryl Shields:

    Hi Eryl, it should be on all over the UK so perhaps search your local cinemas, sure it'll be on somewhere near you. Appreciate your support.


    Cool man and it is getting a DVD release also.

  9. I'll wait for it to come on Sky. It's not my scene (I'm the man that's never seen "Four Weddings"), but I've enjoyed reading some of the scathing reviews. Watching stinky movies is a bit of a past-time, so when it comes my way, I'll do my best to critique it.

    As a pro, you see it differently, you see the work and the effort. The paying audience and the critics, just want to engage and be entertained. It's a double-edged sword, innit?

    Sorry to post the negative - I wasn't trying to bring you down. I just couldn't believe what a drubbing it was getting.

    Wossy is a fellow Leyton boy, and his brothers went to the same school as myself, so we've got to stick together. ;-)

  10. Well done! And yes, Jonathan ross is a bit of an arse - okay a lot of an arse...

  11. Darren:

    Fair enough, a voice a reason in a world of insanity.

    And i fully understand if you've no love for the genre, neither do I normally but I need to do my bit to push it in any small way I can.

    I agree with you on that I too cannot believe what a drubbing it was getting and is getting, seems out of proportion to the scale of the problem and really vindictive. Oh well...

    white rabbit:

    Here here on the Rossy slander!

  12. Well done! But what are you wearing????

  13. Hi Pat, nice to have you by these parts! The shirt is my own I'm afraid.


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