Wednesday, 3 March 2010

On Web Presence...

Adrift in an ocean of narcissism, everyone it seems, has web presence, in which they list their favourite books, films, songs, friends, people, countries, politics and bowel movements.

They groom their sites as intently as suburbanites whack the weeds that grow in their resplendent gardens. They post videos of themselves; pictures worthy of a quality magazine: tint their skin tones, adjust the backgound colour, project themselves into a glamour that anyone can achieve...photoshop: another example of a democratic anxiety that technology has gifted us.

On the Internet, people advertise themselves as if they were cans of soup. I like cans of soup but people who advertise themselves like cans of soup unsettle me.

Sick of self, sick of all the cute, yapping selves. Bored with stories, disheartened by my voice, disgusted with sly, tactical self-depreciation...SO MUCH SELF! SO LITTLE TIME!

The clamour of me me me.

I am living alone in bad company.


  1. whoa, did i miss something? what's up? xoxoxo

  2. Missed nothing, just some thoughts that I'm putting out there but thank you for your concern. xxxx

  3. Yes, I've been thinking of Web presence very much lately as I've been interviewing for public relations jobs. I think many of us went a little crazy w/ the over-sharing at the height of the blogging craze.

    --Matthew Mientka

  4. I was expecting you to chip in Matthew Mientka with some wise words on this matter.

  5. I use the Internet to share my music. I am currently shifting around 300Gb of music files a month. I do this for free and make zero money.

    Why? Because maybe one day I'll singlehandedly destabilise the music industry and finally put to bed the notion that music=money and get people back on track to music=art and art should be free. Maybe I'm just deluding myself.

    I don't know why you are here DHG. You write a lot but say very little about who you are. There are probably reasons for this and I understand that. But you probably know more about me than vice versa.

    I see you more as a can of beans than soup...sorry if I am a can of soup, that was never my intention.

  6. How does this fit in with your recent(ish) post about web anonymity Daniel?

  7. Darren:

    I am more than aware of what you achieve with the Internet and I think your sharing of your music is an amazing thing, a good thing. You were never a can of soup to me. I am intrigued by what you perceive as my not sharing very much of myself, perhaps you are right, I have thought of myself as forthcoming, perhaps my issues with racist obsessive web stalkers means I hold back more now. I will try not to, I see no point in it.

    I wrote this post ages ago and saw it loitering in my drafts and liked the writing so put it up, it is not an attack on anyone apart from myself perhaps.


    I've no idea, I wrote this a while ago and decided to make it live because I liked the prose, I think it is about me and not anyone else. I suppose it is connected to my post on anonymity in the sense that when you create an unreal identity you can re-create yourself as a person and make a character to sell.

    I cannot stress enough that is more of an attack on me than anyone else.

  8. I thought you were raging at yourself, DHG. I said so in my own entry. The thing is, someone like you, someone with talent and a future in this showbiz career, should have a web presence. Just not THIS web presence. Your achievements are worth trumpeting, but trying to bring down the knuckleheads is a battle left for those who have their anonymity.

    The web and its "user generated content" is the biggest circle jerk in the world. The reason for this is there is no editor. Without an editor, it becomes just meaningless. There's lot of good stuff out there but it is like diving for pearls these days.

    I compare it to multi-channel TV. When satellite TV was first launched it was marvellous zipping through 100+ channels. It was amazing to see the Simpsons dubbed into German or if your aerial was pointed the right way the best dutch hardcore porn beamed into your home. But then, after a while, the thumb becomes numb with the constant channel changing and most folks stick with the three or four channels they know and are familiar with. Once you get beyond seven, you get lost.

    The web is a lot like that. Find the quality and stick with it, but I reckon most folks keep going back to the same five or six websites.

    In your instance, I assume that you have plenty of interesting stories about the business but cannot tell them for sensible reasons. The one thing we've learnt on the web (well the smart ones) is that it is easy to open your big mouth and put both feet in it.

    Wouldn't it be great to be anonymous?

  9. Its also good to experiment with post formats and to see the reaction. Keep up the good thinking.

  10. Darren:

    Not had time to read you blog post yet but will do soon, busy teaching, long days and tired as hell at the end of them.

    Perhaps you are right, anonymity is the best tool against web based racist idiots.

    The stuff about circle jerk and no editors is spot on. As for "Wouldn't it be great to be anonymous?" perhaps but I don't think I could stick it for long.

    Peace and thanks for your words.

    D. Quail:

    Been a while you sly dog, how the hell are you? Oh and fuck EMO, I is PUNK ROCK!


    Cheers and I will sir.

  11. You might be interested in a book called And Then There's This, by Bill Wasik, which is about internet memes and how people react to the internet and themselves online.

  12. I'll check it out Dave, thanks for the tip, I like new stuff to read.

  13. I've never been attracted by the blog as confessional/autobiographical stuff. I've done a couple, one to explain a lengthy absence after breakup of marriage and one after I fractured my hip but that's about it.

    The world is full of people who want to talk about themselves ad nauseam. Why add to them?


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