Monday, 22 March 2010

Vote BNP (Please Don't)

Author's disclaimer:
I despise the BNP and everything they stand for. I’ve spent a fair few years working both online and in the real world to disrupt and challenge their racist, myopic and unworkable ideas. Hence, I feel that I know their nonsense talking points inside out and, from a position of utter disbelief that their pseudo-policies engage reasonable minds, wanted to try and write and perhaps, start to grasp, the BNP voter perspective. This post was written for Claude at Hagley Road to Ladywood, as part of a pre-election series and is cross posted there, already drawing some interesting comments from racists...

I urge you to vote for the BNP at the forthcoming elections because we are the only honest party, the only truthful party, that is willing and able to stand up and say the things too many are afraid to say. We will say them because our country needs saving from the horrors that have been inflicted on it by decades of inept and useless governance. We are the party to save Great Britain.

You will not hear “I’m not a racist but...” coming from me. I am a racist. We all are. Even you reading this, right now. It might not be obvious but we all have our deep-set personal prejudices towards different ethnicities based on our very real life experiences. These are natural and right; a defense mechanism against external threats, that threaten our way of life here in the UK. And I can assure you, it is under threat.

It is racist to point out just how much violent crime is committed by non-whites? Or that foreign imports destroy our indigenous industries, leaving us weak? Or that immigrants undermine our indigenous workforce and lower standards? Or that the Islamification of the UK brings with it severe repercussions for our human rights and our personal safety, under the deadly siege of terrorism? Is it racist to point out that the abuses of our democratic systems by these foreigners, makes their very end all the more likely? At what cost? What are we getting from this one-way deal? Let us not forget our brave servicemen and women, who are spilling their precious blood in foreign lands and for what end? At what cost? For far too long Britain has been abused, exploited and taken for granted by those coming to our shores and at what cost? But no longer, not if you vote BNP.

And many people already have done and yes, you may be comfortable dismissing some 1 million people who voted BNP in the European Parliamentary elections as idiots but ask yourself this: what gives you the right? Who made you judge and jury? The BNP speaks to and for this ever growing silent majority. Is Political Correctness and fear limiting the scope and range of your ideas? Must not this fake idol be sacrificed at the alter of truth and you turn to us?

So dismiss us. Give us ‘No Platform’. Attack the personalities of our parties with vile accusations but oddly never our raft of excellent policy. Drag up ancient dictums of our party to browbeat us with, even though we no longer believe in them. Do all of these things and know that it will only make us stronger, because men and women all over the UK believe in us to be their lone voice, speaking truth to power, in their moment of need as their country slips through their very fingers. Join us, vote for the BNP, your country needs you.


  1. Hrm.... while I understand and appreciate where your post is coming from (you have to understand what motivates your 'enemy' before you can persuade them otherwise), personally I'm not too sure having this up on the eve when your first feature film is released is an altogether brilliant idea...

  2. I'm sold...I shall be voting BNP next election.

  3. almostwitty:

    The disclaimer at the top is in big enough letters and makes the point clearly enough, if people miss that then they're idiots so their opinion is not worth much anyway.


    That easy mate? If you were a proper racist, you'd not be convinced just yet.

  4. almostwitty:

    Apologies if my tone seems sharp or short with you, not intended to be so, just so you know.

  5. I'm not a racist and don't believe in discrimination: I HATE EVERYONE!

    I did write a long rambling reply before and talked about Jah Wobble voting BNP in his book, etc. But it got a bit heavy and it was much easier just to play the fool.

    Now that Mrs Dave has announced she's in the pudding club, don't you think that El Gordo has won the lottery (I mean election). Talk about a cynical ploy to garner votes? It's like Rooney getting Coleen up the duff in World Cup year - it ain't gonna happen. Too much is at stake. You need all your wits about you to worry about a forthcoming sprog, etc.

    These politicians, eh? What will they think up next?

  6. Glad to read that disclaimer. Thought you'd suddenly gone mental for a moment there.

  7. Darren:

    Indeed Darren, indeed, Brown has it in the bag oh and what's this about Jah Wobble? Is the genius a daft racist?


    Not mental, just trying to get into an idiotic mind-set.

  8. your clearly a racist.
    you make me sick.
    you dont deserve to be in a paramount pictures film and i am sure they wouldnt have wanted u in it after reading this u vile creature.

  9. Hi Anonymous, did you not read the disclaimer at the top you bloody moron?

    Some people are thick...


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