Thursday, 15 April 2010

Asylum Seeker Stat P0rn

Nothing gets a right-wing daft racist frothing at the mouth more than immigration and ruddy bloody asylum seekers coming over here to escape torture/sexual abuse/all their family has been slaughtered and/or certain death to claim our benefits or more accurately, not be allowed to work while it takes fucking ages to figure out what to do with them and they suffer discrimination and further abuse from ignorants and plebs.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees recently released some tasty stats on the subject matter of asylum seekers around the globe, reckoning that some 377,160 people sought asylum in industrialised countries last year, pretty much the same number as the year before.

It is of little surprise that the leading nationality seeking asylum are Afghans, followed by Iraqis, because war displaces vast swathes of people, yet we seem reticent to embrace one of the many consequences of our wars.

Still, the UK come fourth on the list with around 30,000 application, 5% down on last year, which will no doubt have the racists disappointed as their dreams of the UK overrun by non-whites will have to wait a little bit longer. The United States is of course the top destination with France in second place, Canada third and Germany and Sweden following up the rear behind the UK.

Interestingly, or perhaps worryingly considering how monocultural these nations are; Poland with a 47% increase and Belgium with 40% increase, have seen the biggest jumps in applications for asylum.

The biggest percentage fall belongs to Italy of course, who have been giving off deeply racist vibes for quite some time to scare off non-whites and it has worked, asylum applications dropped a whopping 42%.


  1. Good, good post. Succintly killing the "Britain's full" argument stone dead while highlighting the country we don't want to turn into: Italy.


  3. I just remembered sarcasm often backfires online. My previous comment was a sarcastic swipe at the daft racists of this world.

  4. Highlander:

    Cheers sir and yes, Italy is a model we need to avoid at ALL costs.


    Thanks for clarification but any reader here by now will know that you're not a daft racist in any way shape or form.


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