Thursday, 22 April 2010

David Cameron (Folded/Crumpled) = Macaroon

D-Cam edited and altered for the better, to become something new, something transformative, something truly 'for change' even if it is change for its own sake.

His head as art.

The work of the ever brilliant, ever inventive Rich White.

And the title of this blog post could pass for a Radiohead song title...


  1. Have these been airbrushed? And beyond your own one, there are so many Radiohead titles and lyrics that could apply to the current situation.

  2. @rashbre. I 'folded' them on Photoshop. Started with a straight portrait shot, then sliced a line across the image and moved a whole section further in. Then repeated this over and over again at different positions and angles until his face was suitably adjusted.

  3. And a fine looking man he is too...

    Upper class potatohead - bad combination!


  4. All that upper class inbreeding creates monsters...


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