Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy 'The Day a Jew Was Tortured and Killed' Day


  1. If Jesus had been shot to death, would Christians wear shiny silver bullets around their necks as a symbol of their devotion?

    Mind you, in these modern times it would probably be more likely that he'd be stabbed to death, so the revised holy symbol would need to be a kitchen knife, perhaps?

  2. These Days Should It Not Be 'Happy Death By Chocolate Day' ?

  3. Darren:

    Indeed, it is odd, a tool of torture around the neck.


    Same to you comrade!


    'Ello mate, you alright? I'm trying not to overdose this holiday to be truthful, got to watch me figure...

  4. Well, I see that it is not just 'belligerent nationalists' that you take pot shots at, but also Christians. I am guessing that you wouldn't do the same to Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Taoists or Wiccans? Incidentally, I am not Christian.

    I thought that I would take a look at your website and recognised you instantly. It seems we've crossed paths before, well sort of. I've seen you perform; Carlton Central Junior School, late 80s. You were an SS guard in the Sound Of Music, you may well have been Georg (my memory isn't infallible, but pretty damn near and it seemed to be the beige uniform in the header image that triggered the recognition), either way it was a memorable performance and not just because you were a foot and a half taller than the rest of the cast.

    Wasn't that school a religious school? Is that what formed your distaste of all things Christian?

  5. Hello Charlie, you racist, thanks for popping over but I do have to warn you that this will be your one and only comment here as, well, you're a racist and your name carries a link to your vile blog.

    Also, as you have done elsewhere, you've jumped to conclusion in order to fit your narrow mental parameters, if you'd bothered to read any of this blog or use the religion label, you'd see I have no truck with any religion, at all.

    The only thing that is intriguing Charlie is that I did go to Carlton Central Junior but not late 80s, more mid and I never did The Sound of Music but plenty of other school plays. And no, it wasn't a religious school you pillock.

    So who are you Charlie?

    Scratch that, I don't care.

    Bye bye now racist!

  6. Well, the last thing I'd want to do is offend, so I have removed the link to my 'vile blog'.

    As I said, not infallible. I had more of a think after posting, and you're quite right, it would have been around 84-85, certainly no earlier than 1983. As far as I remember, I only watched two plays at that school that stuck in my head, the other was Sweeney Todd, and I guess that would have made you Todd? The girl that played Mrs Lovett was pretty good too if I remember rightly. I remember looking at the programme to see your name - just Daniel Gill then. You must have made an impression for me to remember you 25 years later. Small world.

  7. Still no real name?

    Of course not, although I do wonder which of peers dad you were, or brother.

    Thanks for remembering me and my fine performance...

  8. My real name is on my blog, Charles Wilson. I don't like to give too much personal information away after what happened to a friend of mine and I have been warned that any information is too much these days. I certainly never use my own email address to post as those you disagree with on some blogs tend to get nasty and post it, or worse.

    It is unlikely that you know me, I had nothing to do with Carlton Central School, I lived nearby and back then people in the community were invited to school plays (I am not sure whether it is the case now, I certainly haven't been where I live currently).

    I also watched plays at Frank Wheldon and St Paul's (my old school).

  9. Daneil,
    Hope you dont mind me asking but after reading the comment off Charlie I must ask.
    Carlton Central School? Is this a primary school or a drama based workshop you attended?
    Pardon my rudeness!

  10. Charlie:

    Well, good luck with the Union Jack thing...


    You are referring to Carlton TV Workshop I believe and no I didn't attend although I am friends with the guy who runs the one in Notts.


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