Thursday, 1 April 2010

I Saw These And Thought of You...

A General Election will be with us soon and can you spot in the above image while I'll never vote for D-Cam and his lackeys. A clue: it's not his hair or choice of ties but the subliminal message on the right.

Not that New Labour will be getting my vote, if only though they had the balls to run adverts like these...

...then perhaps they might. We all know that Brown would have Cameron in a scrap, simple as.

And then, I found this image over at Back Towards The Locus (a fine, fine blog, very challenging indeed) and it fits just fine with this post's collection of disturbing British political images:

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair as Christ anyone? How Messianic is that poster? Fuck me, utter madness, the man has a Christ complex the size of Canada.

In other news a goal is scored from well over 70 yards, a feat in itself but by a goalkeeper?



  1. good luck, sugar! y'all have certainly heightened my awareness about the upcoming election. (i'll be chuckling over posh for the rest of the day!) xoxox

  2. Is that footie clip from the Empire Sport Channel? It looks like their Death Star logo in the corner.

    Probably used the Force to score that one...

  3. The thing is that El Gordo and Capt Darling have managed to steer us out of the recession. Not sure if it will make much difference though. Probably end up a hung parliament (oooh, hung - they should all be well hung, Missus) but the thought of this Conservative government fills me with terror. I want my Tories old school. I want them like the magnificent Ken Clarke.

    I'll probably vote Labour because it's hard to fight against what you are. And besides, my vote will make little difference because this is a Tory area.

  4. Wicked photo of cameron mate. With a great message. POSH indeed!
    If you dont mind me asking . . . Are you a nottingham guy Daniel?

  5. Great collection of posh boy ads. That goooooal is amazing.I see they have had to slash the price of the Bliar tix.

  6. The election gives you a choice of capitalism, capitalism or capitalism. "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal" - Emma Goldman. As a result, I'll be spoiling my paper with the requisite circled A.

    Superb goal. Wish our commentators did the whole 'gooooooaaaaaaalllllll' thing.

  7. I have stolen Cameron pic. I couldn't help myself officer. I agree that the spoof Labour posters are a huge improvement on anything Labour will really put out. So it goes.

  8. Savannah:

    Glad posh gave you a laugh, add it to your lexicon.


    Yes, Darth is a big fan of footy and supports Notts County for his troubles.


    I do agree with you that Labour have done a fine job in difficult economic circumstances and also share your fears of a Tory government, I hate them as much as you do but I must vote Lib Dem.

    Ken Clarke used to be my MP in Notts, fine man indeed.

    Jessica Harper:

    Yes I am from Notts Jess.


    I wouldn't buy a ticket for Blair if they were £4. The shit.


    Anarchy until the bitter end ah comrade?

    I admire your spunk.

    white rabbit:

    No worries, steal away, I see you've credited me so all is good.


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