Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Jewelry by LuShae (Blog Whoring Part 1)

Back in February I had a weird request, I knew it was a weird request because the email was headed: "Weird Request" and the gist of it was a lady called Sarah wanted to send me a piece of jewellery from her store (complimentary of course).

She then wanted me to post my honest thoughts (good, bad or ugly) on the product, so here we are.

Well first up, Eva-Jane and I perused the site for sometime, what took a while is that when faced with a wide range of goods, Eva has a tendency to freeze with consumer panic. Like a rabbit in the headlights of a huge moving shopping centre. It didn't help that the first thing she wanted, a hip pair of earrings were sold out but eventually she plumped for a jazzy ring (wonderfully entitled Silver Tone Trillion Fashionista), which was an error because we got the wrong size and we've had to give it to Angela instead.

Oh well, Eva's loss is Aggi's gain...

The ring itself was nice enough if you like very sparkly things, it was of good quality but the sheer level of sparkle and shine could make it appear cheap, depending upon your taste that is but if bling is your thing...

The packaging was smart but the only downside was that I had to pay a customs fine of a tenner, which wasn't in the plan but what's a tenner when you've got a free ring?

More blog whoring to follow!

I feel so dirty...


  1. Should have gone for the cubic zirconia encrusted Price Albert instead...

  2. HA! Damn right.

    The post has already attracted two spam jewellery comments...oh the humanity of it all!


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