Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Off To Gay Paris (No Homo)

Well, I hope ya'll had a mighty fine Easter break and ate chocolate and stuff in order to celebrate a Jew rising from the grave and ascending to heaven. Whatever floats your boat. Basically, it was four days off interrupted only by landscape gardeners coming round to give us estimates on how much it'll cost to sort out our garden.

Speaking of off, Eva-Jane and I are off to what promises to be a sunny Paris for a holiday and to hang out with family, promises to be a real cool time no doubt and a much deserved vacation for the pair of us.

I'm currently up for a couple of cool jobs and am on that notorious thing called a pencil, which means they like me a lot but not enough to book me...yet. One of the projects is working with the Little Britain peeps and the other is a comedy creation of my own called Kirky (sorry Kirky but I stole your name for a comedy character) who is from New Basford, has ADHD, is a gypo and presents shows for the BBC...hopefully.

So we'll see.

As you all know by now, I waste far too much time debating with racists on the Internet so with this in mind, I'll leave you with an interesting video that someone sent me as a guide to how I should do it. I ignored him of course, racist appeasement just isn't in my nature but it makes for fun viewing.

See ya'll next week.


  1. It is a good video isn't it!

    Anyway, enjoy Paris - April is always the best time for that city and I'm extremely jealous.

  2. Man, my works computer is so pants that it wont let me check your video out. Security reasons and that. I cant watch anything! Grrr! Anyhoo hope all goes well with these jobs bud and and and PARIS!!!??? You have just made me go a mega shade of green, seriosuly. I may sneak into your suitcase! :-) Have a great great time mate!

  3. *Wonders about the proper pronunciation of 'gypo'*

  4. Oranjepan:

    Indeed it is, how is your racist debate going on at yours? I daren't look.


    I'll be in touch.


    I did not find you in my suitcase, thus, your sneak failed but next time I await to see you pop out of it.

    Ellie said...

    Phonetically is the best I can do...jip-o.

    How's that for you?


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