Monday, 19 April 2010

What I Made When I Went to Norway: Brilleland Advert

You may recall that way back in February I filmed back to back adverts for the European market, one for SKY ITALIA with my good pal Martin Collins and another, in one of my favourite countries to work in, Norway.

Well, hot off the press, here is my latest Norwegian advert...

And while I was stumbling around the YouTubes finding that, I also came across this badboy, from the heady days of 2007, presenting a pilot, film TV show.

My hair, let it be said, was horribly shit.

Oh well.

Oh and on the 17th April, I turned 34.

Go figure.


  1. happy birthday, sugarpie! xoxoxo

    (i came by to tell you, WE JUST SAW YOU ON TV!!!! the kohler shower commercial! did you do an american accent?)

  2. Happy Birthday Matey!
    Seriously, you don't look a day over 21 ;-)

  3. The Brilleland ad could play anywhere!

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Thanks one and all and Savannah, glad you saw me, I've actually been on US TV for over 4 years now doing the Kohler advert and no, the American accent is not mine, they did a dub.

  5. but i didn't know y'all then, sugar! ;~D xoxoxox

  6. Your like a young and attractive Johnathan Ross. But better. Stil1, 34 hey? Baldness and obesety are just a step away...

  7. I didn't realise it was your birthday, but i've been totally crap with my bloglist lately!

    Hope you had a brilliant one and got good pressies!


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