Friday, 21 May 2010

Daft Racist Moved His Comedy Gold...AND I FOUND THEM!

Following on from yesterday's post, I have managed to track "Arrylad" down, who has now changed his moniker to Lee B'stard and moved to the Hooligan Central YouTube channel, where he can be seen spouting his horse shit.


Highlights of the hilariously stupid short film are, aside from the delusion that America is watching and the anti-Communist twat is wearing a T-Shirt with Cuba on it...

"Okay, never been to America, okay, only people I know from America are on the Internet, okay."

"9/11, the most horrific thing that has ever happened in this world."

"I'm Islamophobic right, if I see somebody in a burqa, I have a fit, falling on the floor convulsing."

"It's not Islamophobic to not want your children to be blown up on a bus to school, right, or beheaded on the Internet, right."

"You Americans should be fucking ashamed of yourselves."

Here is the video in all it's glory:

And you can see what Dramatic Cat thinks about that...

Have a grand weekend.


  1. Daniel, this man doesn't make a LICK of sense! --Matthew Mientka

  2. He's a daft, ignorant racist, what do you expect? Nice to have you around sir.

  3. How do you get beheaded on the internet? Is that like a virtual beheading?

    Jus askin.

  4. All questions on a postcard to the daft racist...

  5. this sort is all over the world, sugar! sweet mary sunshine, i do wonder if there really is something to additives in the food altering our dna...;~D xoxo

  6. HAH. Also, I'd like Dramatic Cat to follow me around and provide facial-expression-commentary!

  7. Savannah:

    Idiots will be idiots, such is the bigots way.


    Indeed, he should be available for hire.

  8. Dramatic cat is awesome! It made me LOL.


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