Thursday, 20 May 2010

Daft Racist Provides Inspiration For Possible Comedy Character

The bigoted twat pictured above is "Arrylad", a daft racist who, up until quite recently, had an unintentionally hilarious YouTube channel, where his expletive ridden rants against Jews, Blacks, Muslims, Marxists and Communists were available for all to see.

Unfortunately, as I blog, they have been withdrawn and the channel closed down, perhaps because he was providing so much amusement for normal folk and he got upset at this (the delusion that he speaks for some silent majority, rather than a bunch of daft racists), or for inciting racial hatred and being a hate-speech bigot, either way, it's a sad loss for satirical purposes as they had to be seen to be believed.

If you didn't catch them, the gist was, you were either with him or a nobhead. Simple as that.

The ignorant loon was an alleged spokesman for the incredibly funny English Defence League (defending England against whole heaps of stuff but mainly Muslims) and it's bastard and ever so slightly shit off-shoot, the Welsh Defence League.

I mean, nothing says patriotism like hiding your face behind a shoddy balaclava (why are this passionate racists so cowardly?), using a St. George’s flag as a tablecloth and plonking a cheap can of lager on it, right?

I briefly experimented with a character called Big Dave who was in the English Defence League and with this goon providing free material, I think it may definitely have legs.


  1. Did you see the tv show about the EDL last night? There was a comedy gold moment where, in some of their promotional video material the guy looks at the camera and says 'we've been accused of being nazis. Do we look like nazis?' The camera pans around to show a room full of guys in balaclavas.

  2. The character wouldn't work because in comedy of that style you need to work on a big idea within smaller boundaries.

    In 2007, when we first moved to Norfolk, the local ITV station broadcast a series called "Incomers" as part of their local strand of programming. I think there were six programmes, each one a horrifying indictment on the unpleasantness of the Norfolk persona when it comes to people moving into the area. The shows tended to concentrate on personal stories of people moving from Poland or Lithuania and working against great struggles to start a life here. These stories would invariably be peppered with tales of verbal and physical abuse from Norfolkers who don't like strangers. But without this immigrant workforce there would be no-one to harvest the crops because all the local unemployed find the work too hard (boo-hoo!).

    One of the most chilling shows concentrated on the "characters" that inhabited a seaside town called Wells-Next-The-Sea and their defence of their beloved Norfolk against incomers from that there London who bought up local homes has holiday stays, etc. A sort of mirror of Cornish resentment in the south-west with them hinting heavily that they would set fire to incomer's homes, etc.

    Anyway, the lead character in this show also had a rock band that sung "anti-incomer" songs, the top tune was "Get Back to Downham Market", which basically rallied against those from Downham Market moving to Wells too - so you had them against people from outside their own village moving into the area - it was an East Anglian version of Skrewdriver, I guess. It was funny and scary in equal measures.

    But anyway, there's your comedy character. Someone that imposes big ideologies (like race and "stealing our jobs") but squeeze it down to something as small as inter-village rivalry. They call them the Turnip Taliban around here - but they don't like us Londoners, you know...

  3. I have never seen these videos. Sounds like they were so stupidly stupd that they were funny in a way that he really did not intend. Shame they have been wiped but i suppose its a good thing because no one wants trash like that circulating around.

  4. Rich:

    Saw it today, that bit was hilarious, the rest of it made for depressing and sometimes moving viewing.


    You should be a writer...


    I jave now found one of the vids, as my latest blog post attests to.

  5. You got the sense that some of these young guys really were lost. They wanted something, but they didn't really seem to know what and were looking for somewhere to put the blame for this lack. Others just came across as ignorant.

  6. Rich:

    Agreed and that is what upset me, that profound speech by the youth who nearly ended up in tears, it had me choked because I love my country too and believe in it and want the people of Britain to have the very best there is.


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