Wednesday, 5 May 2010

David Cameron Met a Black Man and Other Political Efforts

One day away from the election and I am slightly excited by what will happen on the 6th May, only slightly because as political as I am (and I am very, very political), our awful electoral system combined with a dire choice of political parties, has stunted too much rabid enthusiasm.

Not so many other bloggers and opinion makers about town, Tim Ireland has drummed up another lovely bit of home-made political video-theatre that not only uses the mighty William Shatner but also has David Cameron's head on a stick...

While Rich White re-acts to the impending election by utilising the omnipresent and utterly captivating words of human shaped legend Betrand Russell, which are as true now as they ever were in 1932...
"One of the impediments to successful democracy in our age is the complexity of the modern world, which makes it increasingly difficult for ordinary men and women to form an intelligent opinion on political questions, or even to decide whose expert judgement deserves the most respect. The cure for this trouble is to improve education, and to find ways of explaining the structure of society which are easier to understand than those at present in vogue. Every believer in effective democracy must be in favour of this reform. But perhaps there are no believers in democracy left..."
Weren't the debates and even, one might dare suggest, much of the last 50 years of politics, a happening within these very parameters, a political dumb show as the complexity of life is translated into ever more basic language, until perhaps, future elections will be confined to a series of grunts, crude images and rough sex? We can but dream of such a moment but we can be assured that human life is only going to get more complex, will our answer to this be to move progressively further and further away from the structures of the intellect and into gut feeling, speaking to the mythical 'man in the street' and sneering at genuine political jargon through the lens of anti-intellectulism?


The last word though has to go to Gary Younge, with his impassioned and perfectly wonderful diatribe entitled: "I hate Tories", something I can certainly get behind, especially sentiments such as these...
"Philosophically this is an impotent rage. I also hate them because for a long time they kept winning, and were able to convince more people than we could by appealing to their most base instincts. Because they managed to change the country in a terrible way and reconfigure the political conversation so that some of the more outrageous things they did are now orthodox. The memory of them and the prospect of them make me want to retch...
...Indeed the only thing that is really holding my interest at this stage: the one thing that would really make my Friday morning would be to see Cameron crushed and Osborne despondent. To see them miss this own goal and descend into bitter recrimination. To think that however bad things have become, they haven't got so bad that we would make that mistake again. This may be the worst reason for voting. But right now, after watching them all in the debates, it also feels like the only reason in much of the country (apart from where there are good Labour and Liberal MPs)."
Roll on Thursday!


  1. I feel for you over there just as I do for us here. Voting is supposed to done with after the election and majority rules. Good luck with your election.

  2. Some Wise Words Daniel
    Yes.Fingers&Toes Crossed for Friday Morning.
    At The Moment ,I would be happy to wake up to Shatner as our new Prime Minister rather than Cameroon&Co.

  3. Technobabe:

    Cheers duck, I feel quite anxious...


    Thank you, we will wait and see shall we not what occurs next? And as for Shatner as Prime Minister...YES, YES, YES!!!


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