Thursday, 13 May 2010

John Cleese Meets Brad Pitt

On Friday morning I had a casting for a huge acting job.

On Friday evening I had a recall for the aforementioned huge acting job.

On Saturday morning I found out that I got the huge acting job.

On Sunday morning I flew out to Prague to begin work on the huge acting job.

On Wednesday evening I got back from filming the huge acting job.

This is where I've been at, so to speak.

You know, I go away on Sunday, leaving behind a Labour government and I return home to discover that, like some errant, political idiotic child; in my absence you wankers go and formulate some awful, bastard-hybrid Con-Dem alliance, which means I will never, never fucking vote Liberal Democrat again.

So this is what I come back to...


For now, I've had all I can stomach of this political nonsense, I'd rather dwell on the personal positives, than the bigger picture bullshit.

I can't give too much away about what I've been up to, not yet anyway but I will hazard a guess that the finished product will be pretty spectacular and I had the very real honour and privilege of working with some very talented people during this shoot; including (but not excluding) the directorial legend that is Bryan Buckley, Vladimir the steady-cam op, Sophie the Production Assistant, perhaps the best 1st AD I've ever encountered in David and Jim and Joaquin the editing team. I could go on and gush about the DOP who looked like a Beastie Boy and the visual effects captain but I would rather just bask in what was a great time and another leap forward in my career.

As for the post title, when I was shooting some brilliantly bizarre scene late on Tuesday night, the DOP and director told me they felt I was and I quote: "John Cleese meets Brad Pitt".

I'll take that any day of the week...


  1. damn great compliment, sugar! cheers to you! xoxox

  2. Daniel, had to laugh when I scrolled down the Cleese-Pitt-you pictures. Made me think of Morcambe & Wise sharing a bed somehow... Congratulations on the "work" (it's in quotes because you enjoy it - I'm going for political irony) and ye, Britain - or more particularly England from the Midlands south and east - fucked up.

  3. Sounds great. I wonder what the advert is? (Assuming it is an advert after checking the links, etc). The plot thickens!

    After hearing nothing back from my interview last week I emailed the HR lady today to tell her my changing circumstances and to ask if there was any decision - but got no reply, so I reckon I bollocksed it all up again. Mind you the thrust of my email was to tell her that I am currently in negotiations to selling my property (basically shutting the business and selling the four walls/roof for a massive loss) to some shady guy in India who owns the fast-food shops over the road. Some are destined for greatness, others are destined for failure. It's ying and yang, the karma that balances the universe and I know my place in it.

    Pass me my service revolver, please.

  4. Sounds like you have a great acting job going on!! Glad for you.

  5. Marvellous. Make sure you let us know more when you can.

    I'm dipping my tow in acting too - on a radio play for a local arts festival. See you at the Oscar's.

  6. Nice one mate. This is pretty smashing news! Gah, go for it. I look forward to hearing more about what you have been up to. Oh and the comment, thats one I would be pretty happy with too! :-) I can see where they got it from ;-)

  7. Savannah:

    This means I'll be on American TV even more, which is cool.


    Glad my face made you laugh, as for what i came back to, the UK is being run by a South East hegemony that the rest of the country didn't vote for.


    Yahoo! is the product in question Darren, I thought I'd share that with you.

    I also read that post you put up, then removed, I don't know what to say but I don't think your place in the world is to be shit on, if you play that part that's what you'll get.


    Cheers duck!


    Will do, I've got a lot of images from the shoot and other guff, will chuck it up when I can, should be out in the US soon.

    Great news about your dipping of toes in showbiz, keep me posted, sounds great, perhaps link to it if you can so I can have a listen?


    You're too kind, to be honest, I thought they were taking the piss but they weren't so I'm having it!


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