Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Anti-Anti Immigration

Hopefully, with the wonderful demise of the daft racists at the BNP and the unworkable ideas of the EDL floundering, anti-immigration rhetoric can die a much deserved death in the UK, aside from the pathetic whimpers in certain right-wing rags, when they need to whip up a healthy dose of fear, loathing and bigotry.

It seems that it is now America's turn to be blighted with ignorance and although I will be blogging on the demise of the right in the US later, as it is overcome by the awful Tea Party movement and the anti-immigration vote, I want to set out why anti-immigration discourse in the US is just so flawed and myopic.

Nativism is as old as time but it always seems so odd seeing it find a home in America, a nation which is built by and for those that come from somewhere else. And all of those vulgar cries by the current set of inhabitants to "shut the gates" always looks like a terrible fit of short-sighted pique; forgetting exactly where they came from.

Famously, Tasmania used to be part of Australia's mainland and was, of course, cut off by rising seas. It provides a fascinating insight into what the anti-immigration cretin's wet-dream would look like. Without immigration and exchanges of talent, trade, skills and people; Tasmania slipped far behind mainland Australia, full of seal-fat smeared bodies and wallaby pelts...

Much of America's utter brilliance is rooted in its vast open society, a home for immigrants for hundreds of years, a society where goods, ideas and people flow freely and thus, a great source of humanity's success is in this essential exchange.

These bigots it seems, just can't grasp that. Rather than seeing those that come in as bringing something that is akin to a life blood for any great country, they see them as taking away from what is already there.

Obama's immigration policy is not helping either, neither is the Republican's intransigence to any form of reform. The fact remains that the US is experiencing a talent crisis and requires some 26 million extra workers to maintain growth. And as other nation's grow as strong as the US in military and fiscal terms, America needs to embrace its openness as a key strength to keep it ahead of all other International rivals; this soft power can keep the US in power.

It's either that or Americans will soon be trotting about covered in seal fat and sporting wallaby pelts...


  1. I'm still waiting for the Native Americans to take back their lands from those thieving cowboys...

  2. we will get the government we deserve here, sugar! *sigh* the inmates, as the line goes, are running the asylum. forget BP and the destruction of the gulf, the biggest news around around the states is did sarah palin have a boob job. i rest my case. xoxoxox

  3. And it is a sad case at that Savannah. What a damn shame.

  4. The States (of all places!) worrying about Immigrants!

  5. Indeed Tony, it is very bizarre, makes no sense considering the US's rich history of immigration as stimulus to their world domination.

    Soft power is the way forward, to have culture others want a piece of is real power.


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