Tuesday, 1 June 2010


So I bought Eva-Jane a garden and lo it was the sun came out and to celebrate Eva-Jane and our garden, we had a ruddy bloody BBQ and it was grand.

My kebabs went down a treat, as did the Amaretto and Coke, the sun was out, good people came and a good time was had by all, although typing is tough as I burnt my finger quite badly whilst being drunk and cooking some jerk chicken.

This is the life I want to lead on a regular basis, loved by a fine woman, surrounded by good people, eating quality food and enjoying some top notch beverages. Happy days!

Here are some pics for those that have enquired after the garden and also to document a damn good time.


  1. Two things:

    1) Nice Fred Perry there.

    2) Can I be at your next one (in spirit, of course)and have a veggie burger? :-) Or...have you tried barbecueing 'halloumi', the Cypriot cheese you can get from Sansburys? Stunning it is.

  2. Claude:

    I was thinking about having a blogging BBQ for blogging comrades, when I've met people face to face it is so much nicer.

    As for Fred Perry, I've got three of them, same cut but different colours and I cooked a huge mound of Halloumi, I live in London and a Greek part of it so we have plenty of that knocking about at all times.

    So next time, make sure you're there and kip over.

  3. Excellent stuff :-)

    I love Fred Perry tops.There's just something about them.

  4. Yep, it's the mod in us, they have such a dapper look to them.

  5. That looks great.

    Are your neighbors in the arts as well?

  6. Think I'll invite myself to the next one! ;)

  7. cheers, sugar! what a lovely garden and delightful party. here's to more happy days! xoxoxox

  8. Ren:

    Our neighbours weren't actually there, we have a good relationship with them but it was for close friends and family.

    White Rabbit:

    I think a blogging BBQ has to be on the cards!

  9. Sorry Savannah, I just posted my comment as yours came in. Happy days are always good, hope you're having some where you are.

  10. Ah man the garden looks super mate! And ... seriously the weather is soo good at the moment. I am loving it!

  11. Nice. Smokeless fuel, I hope. Or propane...propane is the future of BBQ tech.

    Last week, I accepted a very stupid offer on our property and have managed to lose a silly amount of money in the process. But what's money, eh? We're all still alive - huzzah! So, in time, I'll be returning south to my natural habitat. I can hear Loughton calling me back...

    Of course, contracts still need to be inked and exchanged, so I might still end up stuck here. I realised that in order to leave, I had to give up holding onto the hope that I could recoup my investment. I'm certainly not going to win any "Businessman of the Year" awards, but my bank manager always tells me how well I've done to hold everything together. Bully for me.

    I can't post this on my own blog, because I am closing the business and I don't want anyone to know until they start taking the furniture away...

    In Internet jargon, I guess they call this an "epic fail"... c'est la vie and all that bollocks.

  12. Darren:

    Not sure what the fuel was, doubt it was smokeless as from Wilko. Sorry about that.

    As for you, I do not call that a fail at all, tough time economically along with the terrible accident, you had bad luck and actually, if such things had not occurred, you would've been a greater success. You've done well but be nice to have you nearer, as I would like to meet you for an ale. Keep me posted friend.

  13. Amaretto and coke is good. Amaretto and cranberry is better and Amaretto and Cherry 7up may just be the way of the future. I realise how Del-Boy that sounds though.

    Looks like a fab time was had by all! x

  14. Wow Beth, Amaretto and Cherry 7up, that sounds awesome and will have to try it.

  15. Splendid all round. Been out in the garden enjoying the weather of late myself.

  16. Well, I mowed the lawn yesterday, perfect weather for it.


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