Tuesday, 29 June 2010

DHG Showreel Redux

Eva-Jane, in all her beautiful wonder, has re-jigged my showreel to include snippets of Kirky and my role in My Last Five Girlfriends, as well as few other odds and sods.

There is more up and coming work I've done that will have to find a home in there but more on that later on.


  1. Let's hope it get's me even more actng work!

  2. I like watching stuff like this. My friend Ray spent loads of time and money a few years ago updating his. I suppose modern technology makes this easier, so the presentation and pacing is even more important, to make it stand out.

    Not that you even need to try of course!

  3. Jessica, my Eva-Jane makes them for a reasonable price, if ever you need one knocking together...


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