Sunday, 13 June 2010

England 1 USA 1

And so England's World Cup has begun and, result aside, it was a refreshing surprise, in that England played very well indeed and deserved to win by some margin. Of course, we did not. Arse.

Perhaps that could be blamed on the USA, who played very well defensively and were very hard to beat, they made a number of essential clearances and competed very well.

Saying that, I'm not used to watching England play such fine football in a major tournament and it was a real shame that they were not rewarded for all their hard work. England would've shaded it if it wasn't for an EPIC ROB GREEN FAIL and of course, I feel utterly gutted for him and hope that faith is shown in his keeping abilities because he pulled off a grand save that stopped us being beat. We shall see whether Capello is so forgiving of the goalkeeper...

Man of the match for me was Emile Heskey of all people, the big galoot was awesome, winning everything in the air and dominating the American defence at every turn. His attacking partner Rooney had an average game but as always grafted hard and was the only player to show the flashes of genius required in world football to win matches like these.

The highlight of England's midfield was Frank Lampard's impassioned rendering of the national anthem before kick-off, from that he drifted in and out of the game, far too often stuck as anchor man, a role he is utterly unsuited for. Skipper Gerrard had a cracking match but it was more intense effort than substance, it would be nice to have seen him further up the pitch. Out wide we were disappointing, Lennon did his best wide-right and had flashes of brilliance but needs to believe more in his abilities, good to see him taking people on though. Milner had a mare, why Capello picked him I've no idea, he was off the pace and looked ill and in yet more bizarre management skills, he was replaced after half an hour by Wright-Phillips who, bless him, dribbles with the ball as if any moment he will fall over it. He tried hard but lacked final product and also meant that Ashley Cole at left-back was pinned back defensively.

Cole was of course great, he is a fine talent, Johnson was also brilliant, real flair and was not exposed defensively, we are lucky to have two grand full-backs. As for central defence, Terry was as solid as ever, King looked alright but is already injured, which along with the selection of Milner, makes Capello's decision making look a little off. I was glad to see Carragher on for the second half, he is a resolute defender and maybe lacking pace but makes up for it with positioning and defensive genius.

Plenty of elements bode well for the game against Algeria, which is however, now a must win game for us.



  1. i have always thought Emile Heskey to be a bit of a donkey,but yea he played alright.Rooney is going to find it hard shaking-off all the attention he is bound to get.Thankfully the USA weren't cynical in their approach to him.Others might not be so kind.............
    Yea, a draw isnt the end of The World (Cup) by any means.

  2. i missed the match because we had company, *sigh* the died in the wool kind, as in "hell, that's soccer, not REAL football" so, good hostess that i am... xoxoxoxo

  3. Is it abnormal to cry so often during the World Cup? I can't stop weeping!

  4. Am I right in thinking that Wright-Phillips didn't complete a single pass?

  5. Tony:

    That's the spirit Tony!


    Ah, you had sporting luddites around did you? All that real football nonsense, sometimes American sports fans attitudes to their own sports is pretty poor.


    Tears are all part of it I can assure you, I got very emotional at the anthems...


    I think so yes, he was like a headless chicken, plenty of beans but no much product.

  6. Daniel! Been a u been?
    Congrats to ENGLAND...missed the game...

    Hope Ghana meets England--that will be an unmissable one;-))Just in case u missed the Ghana game:

  7. Tony on Heskey. Yay! Preach it brother! Heskey is a total waste of (a lot of) space.

  8. Emmanuel:

    I'm good thanks sir, I can't leave comments at your blog I'm afraid but I do read it. Well done to Ghana, I hope they go a long way, they looked great. GO BLACK STARS!!!

    White Rabbit:


  9. Well narrated. Better than the professional commentators who also resorted to phrases like 'time out'.

    Now we need to see England pull out the stops for the next games.

  10. Thanks.

    And yes, England need to pull out all the bloody stops come Friday.


  11. Indeed they do David. They need to pull out the stops seriosuly. Have we made up our minds as to whether Green is keeping on Friday or not do you know?

  12. Who is this David you speak of?

    With regards to Rob Green, I hope Capello sticks with him.


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