Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Jesus is Everywhere!

Thanks to Kirky for these...


  1. I once saw a statuette of Happy Relevant Jesus playing basketball with some kids. The best part about it is that it looked like HRJ was commiting a foul against a 10-year-old. WTF, Jesus?

  2. I like Jesus. Jesus is cool. Don't mess with Jesus - he came back from the dead and can walk on water. Put him in a leotard and he'd be a friggin' superhero. But the question is: who would win in a fight: Jesus or Spiderman? Jesus has the deitific quality and ability to make the blind see and the lame walk, but Spiderman can do whatever a spider can, including trapping criminals just like flies. Oooh, decisions, decisions...

    (That last bit was a mental riff - what I wanted to say was that "Touchdown" Jesus caught fire after being struck by lightning)

    Over and out!

  3. uphillrider:

    Indeed, like WTF. Next he'll be sealing bases and pitching chin music.


    Thanks for the vid, that is awesome stuff and perhaps your funniest comment for some time. Hope you're well.

  4. You do realise that you'll be suffering eternal damnation for reproducing these. And just pray that your blog doesn't take off in the American hinterlands or you'll have all manner of crazies cussing you. Though I am not sure who you are going to pray to...

  5. You may well be going to hell. If it existed and if Jesus wasn't just a a fable made up by bored people 2000 years ago based on other fables.

  6. I hate to spoil the fun, but I think you've been duped guys. That ain't Jezus, thats a young Demis Rousoss having a laugh


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