Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Die Antwoord

As ya'll know I'm a sucker for all things South African and as well as the legendary BLK JKS (who quite simply, are one of the finest proponents of expansive, progressive guitar based noise in the world), it looks like SA is going to contribute another fine band to the world of music: Die Antwoord.

They are an immense proposition; part art-happening, part pastiche, part very fokken real musical explosion. Quite simply Die Antwoord is die zefste shit ooit my blaar! Tsjek dit uit!

There cod-rap, rave-clash, mash-up next level beats is pretty hard to capture in words but it goes without saying they are pretty fokken fre$ and whether you like it or not DIE ANTWOORD are here to stay.

Full fokken flex! Fre$! Mega-zef! Go!

In your fokken face bitch!

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