Monday, 26 July 2010

On Fairness

Fairness, to me, seems to be a very British thing, it is intrinsically moderate, reasonable and balanced. I like fairness, it is a good thing.

Fairness, it seems to me, has not caught on in many places. Europeans and Americans seem to opt for lofty ideals of justice, which is hifalutin in comparison to common-sense fairness, with all it's earthy connotations.

There is far too much talk of American exceptionalism, I for one have indulged in it but something that makes Britain exceptional is its fairness for all, even though, as a notion, fairness would blush as such an idea. That is what our tolerance is rooted in.

Fairness also enables difficult things to be done or said, it is the sweetener to the bitter pill, harsh but fair is one of my favourite phrases.

Fairness is however, a broad church, that allows for all-comers and there lays its weakness and its intrinsic Britishness.

Fair enough I suppose...


  1. I like the new template tons better than the old.

    Everyone is for fairness in the abstract.

  2. Thank you, blogger has some ace new features now and you should try it.

    Fairness is an abstract.

  3. Sir, sir!

    [Raises hand]

    But sir, life isn't fair, sir...

  4. Indeed it ain't, which is why fairness is so damn important.

  5. As Jilted John was fond of observing...

    Yeah yeah, it's not fair
    Yeah yeah, it's not fair


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