Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Why Nana Is Cool

(Editor's Note: Nana is a term mainly used in the North of England and refers to your Grandmother, it is pronounced nan-nar and does not refer to a Manga character, a native Alaskan corporation, or some Japanese musical artiste)

Like any of you needed telling but your nana is real cool, it still upsets me that both my fine nanas are lost to us, such is the way of life I suppose.

But there is a very good reason as to why Grandma's are cool: from a scientific perspective, having a grandmother is of extraordinary evolutionary value and a real boost to your chances of survival.

Ever wondered how the menopause fits in with the evolutionary dash of survival of the fittest and the urge to procreate? Surely a female losing her reproductive powers blows a big hole in the idea of human evolution? What evolutionary purpose does a whole raft of females with no reproductive abilities serve?

Well, evolution is not just about having sex and popping offspring out left, right and centre. It is about being able to protect, tend and increase the survival chances of the aforementioned offspring and that is where your nana comes in.

Senior female humans (the scientific term for a nana) provide additional nurturing and foraging skills, thus protecting their own gene pool advancement.

So all those cuddles have an evolutionary purpose as well as feeling nice.

Let's big up nanas everywhere!


  1. what a lovely tribute to grandmothers all over the world, sugar! ;~) xoxoxo

    (love the new look here! very cool!)

  2. I'll try again.

    I'll still possess the originally provided two Nana's, though both are in their mid-90's now. One has been in a care home for a number of years now and has no idea who she or anyone else is. The other still goes on holidays abroad. Sometimes that's the way it goes.

    Good on you for the original sentiment of the post though, I'm fairly certain that Nana's don't get anywhere near their due credit on the internet.

  3. Glad your nice words made it through the web glue Chris.


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