Thursday, 15 July 2010

Yet Another New Commercial I'm In...

It goes without saying that 2010 has been the best year of my career ever. Seriously.

I have had, to date, an incredible 60 auditions, which is just mind blowing. Today, for example, I had 3 in one day: a feature film and two commercials no less. My agent is a freaking legend.

Work wise, I've done 5 commercials all over the world (with my Kohler one in the America still doing the rounds); reprised Poles Apart successfully; my debut feature film came out across the UK and is now doing very well in the US (with an upcoming DVD release); Kirky came alive on the BBC (a dream come true) and I've had confirmation that my play about growing up in Notts (Our Style is Legendary, which has been brewing for an eternity) will make its premiere next Spring in London.

And it's only July...

I'm not blowing me own trumpet, I'm just using this blog to document a good time in my life because one thing I've learnt about this acting lark is that at any moment it can go deathly quiet. You never have time to savour these moments because you have to keep your head down and keep going, this blog is all I have, apart from my feeble memory that is.

Anywho, without further ado, here is my latest piece of comedy gold...


  1. That's really good - I am really pleased for you. I wish I could say something good about my "career", but I can't. I'm a fucking idiot!

    But I've prepared the DHG shrine in my gaff with your pictures and that and you'll be really comfy here. Have you seen Misery? No - oh well, the next bit will all be new to you... **

    (** Stolen from The Simpsons)

  2. But I would struggle to apply the term 'wage-slavery' to your job. There is far too much enjoyment there. Work should be enjoyable so your a lucky man.

  3. Darren:

    Your latest steps sound like good ones, I look forward to reading your script sir.


    Indeed, a lot of enjoyment and yes I am lucky.

  4. Love that too.

    And pysched to hear the movie will make it to DVD so I can get it.

  5. Another good 'un! And already an excellent year.

  6. Ellie:

    LOVE THAT! DVD is out in the UK on the 13th August, not sure about Spain. Movie going down a treat in the US too at the mo, all is good.


    Cheers sir, 2010 is the best so far, no doubt of that.

  7. Hey!
    Nicola here :) Long time lol.

    Just having a catch up on your goings on and just wanted to say i'm SO happy for you that things are going so well! Would have been so cool to see you at a film premiere you star!

    Oh and LOVE Kirky from New Basford! Home town!!
    Hope things remain in good fortune for you.
    Nic xxxx

  8. Ello Nic, great to hear from you thanks for dropping by duck, you alright? Happy and well I hope?

    Glad you're a Kirky fan as well, hoping things happen with him, we are definitely trying for that to happen.

    Do stay in touch.


  9. I JUST saw this ad and squeaked "OMG, its DHG". Well done, I'm really pleased everything is going well. It couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.

    P.S. I did actually squeak the letters D,H,G rather than your whole name...which may be a little odd.

  10. Daniel! Been a while...had gone into hibernation--read "leave" for some two weeks. Only came back last Monday.

    Just to say that this string of good luck could not have happened to a nicer bloke! Keep the fire burning! More grease monkeys to ur elbows;-) At this rate, you'll leave 2010 with a bang! Am particularly looking fwd to ur feature film and ur life in Nottingham. Will it come out on AMAZON, perchance?

    Like the background of your blog changeover...the COURIER fonts are a little difficult to read though:-(

  11. Always nice to see a comment from you sir.

    The movie is out on DVD come the 13th August so pick yourself up a copy.

    Glad you like the new loo but shame you don't dig courier, it's me favourite font to be truthful.


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