Monday, 16 August 2010


Today, the 16th August 2010, is the release date of my debut feature film on that there DVD.

Back of the net!

"My Last Five Girlfriends" is still doing the rounds in the US on pay-per-view and is even playing on planes, so that as people travel huge distances they can stare at my face and silly hair. How cool is that?

But today I came out on DVD (you heard) and that is a moment worth savouring because who knows if it'll ever happen again? I mean, I hope so, I'm good enough to do more films but this business is a fickle and merciless thing.

Anyway, many of you have mentioned to me that you would like to know when it was coming out on DVD and today is that day.

I've already got my copy, hot off the press but feel free to buy your own copies right bloody here. I can't recommend them enough for all the family and the DVD would make for a very suitable Christmas gift.

More importantly, you can watch me again and again and even pause the bits I'm in an gaze at my mane.


  1. HD Kirky told me to buy it on blu-ray. He lied!

    Can I use this moment to push some of my product?

    Or those of you who like all things digital:

    But I'll catch this movie when it comes on Sky HD and post my thoughts on it (though I'll imagine my review will go along the lines of "DHG was the best thing in it" - 'cos I likes to brownnose the stars, innit). My main problem is that I want to smack the lead actor in the face just on the basis of the trailer. The smug git.

  2. Excellent. I will order it in the next few minutes. I hope they include the trailer on the DVD- it was also rather good.

  3. Darren:

    Plug away Darren and sure you'll hate the film, apart from me I hope.


    Appreciate that sir.

  4. Nope, not here in the U.S., me lad. I was excited, now I am sad.

  5. Rashbre:

    Cool, I look forward to your feedback.


    Not DVD yet but it is on pay-per-view over where you are.


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