Friday, 13 August 2010

He Said He'd Get Me A Signed Gary Barlow...

Yesterday an old school pal called Phil made contact after seeing the VW advert.

He was a good lad, full of beans, lanky, like me and my mum and dad even had him round for tea once (where he told me how to break double glazing if I ever needed to escape from a fire in my house), so he must have been alright.

I remember going round his for tea after school one day and his dad, a big strapping bloke, lifted me up and put me on the roof of his porch for a laugh. I just dangled there for a bit and then he got me down. I can't remember what we had for tea, my memory from my childhood is sadly shot to own fault, so no regrets.

Anyway, Phil got in touch, which made me happy and we filled each other in on our lives and I tried to imagine Phil as a father, as the last time I saw him he and I were about 22 but now he's got a fine boy. Phil then started talking about his mate who is an autograph hunter and then Phil said:
"He wants your autograph for his collection, he said he'd get me a signed Gary Barlow in return for my girlfriends Birthday."
Well, how could I refuse that?

I felt honoured to be honest and I think that getting a signed Gary Barlow as a swap for me is a fantastic deal, as Gary Barlow is proper famous and a good songwriter...

Autograph swaps. Christ. I'm sure if you'd have told the 16 year old versions of me and Phil what we'd be up to some 18 years later, we'd have pissed our pants and then ran off to do summat daft.


  1. I saw you in the VW ad the other night and got properly excited, in a leaping around the front room, air punching-type way. Well done!

    Good things happening to good people - it almost restores my faith in the universe...

    - Julia

  2. Funny to think what our former selves would have thought at the future reality. I'd have thought: "Me, a Rottweiler? No way. Living in 'The Smoke' -- what's that? Living in Spain? But I've never even studied Spanish. Keeping a Blog? What's that? Knowing an actor through blogging? Get outta here."

  3. Julia:

    That's very kind of you indeed, makes me beam with pride.


    Indeed, I'm glad our past and future selves are kept well apart by the laws of physics.

  4. A signed Gary Barlow what? Mug? T-Shirt? And what are you getting out of the deal? He's getting a signed Gary Barlow.

  5. Picture, it's a signed picture swap.

    As for what I'm getting...mot sure, helping a mate I suppose.

  6. He's getting recognition from one of his earliest peers that he actual did what he said he was going to do, be an actor!
    I wanted 2 signed photos but thought it was cheeky asking.
    I need the Barlow desperately and DHG was always generous so i knew it
    would be easy to get one.
    If you need something in return DHG just ask and i'll do it. Even if it's daft, i'll even record the event and post it.

  7. You know you're alright by me Phil and of course, I don't mind, if I did, I would have told you. The idea of you making a vid of it thought does appeal to me boss.


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