Monday, 13 September 2010

Back From Aruba!

I am back from Aruba and it was paradise.

Naturally, blogging will be light for a long while for too many wonderful reasons to mention...the main one being I asked Eva-Jane to marry me and she said yes!

Much to do and we are very tired...

Full debrief coming at you very soon.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! and welcome back! xoxoxoxox

  2. Oh my!!! Congratulations!!! :D
    Nicola O'B xxx

  3. Much love to you to Mr and soon to be Mrs Hoffman-Gill. Big congrats, such wonderful news. Honeymoon down here in Oz perhaps?!
    Take care mate.
    ps. Got you in the midfield for Man U wearing the number 7 on Fifa 10. You're playing very well indeed sir.

  4. Congratulations!

    And it is only now, with your return, that it has dawned on me that Aruba sounds too close for comfort like the sound John Fashanu used to make on Gladiators.

    But then, given your news, it seems almost appropriate ;)

  5. Congratulations! Blimey, it will be kids next!

    We only got married after ten years together because it was a day out. Then as we headed towards twenty years together we thought we'd better have some kids before the biological clock ran out. By my reckoning, we've only got another five or so years before divorce proceedings begin.

    As Groucho said: "Marriage in an institution but who wants to spend the rest of their life in an institution!?!?

  6. Thanks Savannah and Nic!

    Danny, thanks for your kindness, you're a good man and I sent you a text, hope you got it, if not, tell me and I'll share my thoughts here instead as public affection is my bag. Thanks also for making me real on your FIFA, I normally anchor things together and tackle like a bastard.

    Highlander, it is funny you mention that, look out for my new blog post...


    Cheers mate and as for kids, I hope so!

  7. Sorry just seen this! Well isn't that lovely! :D

    Congratulations and every best wish from the rabbit


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