Friday, 31 December 2010

Live Like Untamed Lightning

I blame my brother-in-law, he gave me a book on the work of Mayakovsky for Christmas and I've been devouring it at a hefty pace. It is a most stimulating read, empowering, inspirational; a tool to drive you on, into the nothingness with no sense of dread but of wonder.

He provides a good guide on how to live your life and what to aspire to and what to discard.

To be precocious, honest, self-confident and to obliterate the past.

A welcome read as we approach the end of my most successful year, a stimulant to re-focus the mind, an addition to my personal manifesto as I re-embark on the challenges of a new year.

The actors life is an existential one. You faced by nothing, no work, or at the best hints of work or fragments of work. You look out into the abyss and can be crushed by the blackness, the endless nothingness.

Not me.

Nothingness is life. We are always staring into the pitch black. The difference is, I charge into the dark to see what it contains, or rather what I forge in the vacuum from force of will.


Have a happy new year folks, with much success and joy.

I know I will.

Words are

the commanders

of mankind's forces.


and behind us


explodes like a landmine. 

To the past

we offer

only the streaming tresses

of our hair


by the wind.


  1. here's to you and yours, sugar! a very happy and successful new year. i'm honored to have met you this year and look forward to learning about/following/cheering on, my pal, DHG! ;~D xoxoxxo

  2. Unrelated: Kanye's Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is awesome!!

  3. Warren Mitchell once said that actors don't retire, it's just that one day you realise that the phone hasn't rung for 10 years. Barristers are like that too.

    Long may your phone ring...

  4. Savannah:

    Thanks so much, you're too kind.


    Off topic is always good, that is indeed an outstanding album.


    Totally accurate and I hope my phone keeps ringing too.


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