Monday, 20 December 2010

On Benefits?

Don't get me wrong, I love where I live but when I saw this sign, in one of those pawn brokers/gentrified loan sharks with colourful branding that must comfort vulnerable people as they are exploited, my heart sank.

I mean, how on earth can you repay any loan when you are on meagre state benefits? How is that possible without, I don't know, selling your kids or a crucial organ? Who in their right mind would loan money to people unable to pay it? Surely the interest rates are exorbitant? Money is being made, yet again, off the back of poverty.


And with perfect timing, London Mayor Boris "Ball Bag" Johnson announces that this New Year's Eve, the free transport service is being sponsored by Wonga! That's right, Wonga! an exploitative short term money lender with shiny branding that does it's best to disguise it's utterly horrendous APR as it rips poor people off left, right and centre.

So on one hand with have the anti-debt, deep cuts narrative and on the other we have tacit encouragement to plunge levels of personal debt to new depths.


I then saw what on first glance appeared to be a dead child in a skip on my road:

Merry Christmas.


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