Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Our Style is Legendary: 3 Months to Go

One of the largest reasons for me being too busy to write stuff on the Internets is the wonderful, dream come true, that is producing my play "Our Style is Legendary" next year in that there London.

It's been a long time coming but as we inch past the 3 month marker for the premiere, I swing from mild panic to tearful joy as the full reality that my play will see the light of day in the West End of London, at a great theatre with a mind blowing cast of incredibly talented actors, under the watchful eye of a supremely gifted director; hits me deliciously hard.

Obviously, I am snowed under with work for the play, as my role (aside from being the writer) is to produce, which is short-hand for sorting everything out apart from the acting side of things. But pressures and stresses like this I can handle because, step by step, piece by piece, "Our Style is Legendary" is coming together in glorious form and as I sit there, on the 14th March 2011 and watch my words come alive, it will make the transition from being my play, into the actor's play, into the audience's play. It will be ours and the characters will live and breath through all of us and nothing could make me happier.

And this is where you come in, dear reader because I need you to come and see it, to promote it, to support it, to spread the word.

The show website is right here, you can buy tickets here and you'll also find us on Facebook and Twitter. We have gone social media crazy folks!

So if this blog goes quiet for a bit and nowt seems to be happening, you'll know why and perhaps, you'll pop along and see what all the fuss, blood, sweat and tears is all about...


  1. Would absolutely love to! The story sounds fantastic and I can only guess how it must feel to have your own creature on stage.


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