Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Foreign Trash

Foreign Trash.

This way.

Welcome to America.

Get out.


I've kept quiet on the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords, an act of terrorism that claimed innocents lives. I don't quite have the heart to unpick it all and to mourn yet another downward step in America's spiralling malaise, to imagine the predictable but no less vile response if the murderer had been a Muslim, or black (or God forbid, both...I can smell the salivating from here); where mental health issues, drug addiction and dysfunctional background would not have mattered one jot in the FAUX NEWS driven witch-hunt.

Instead, we have to watch as he is painted as yet another mentally deranged maniac, when in reality Jared Loughner is just one of millions mentally deranged maniacs that are being manipulated, agitated to the point of extreme action. Their derangement a product of the poisonous political atmosphere in America.

Still, we are left with a pretty ugly picture as the Republicans, especially the Tea Party febrile, fevered, fervent Republicans, led by that cunt Sarah Palin, deny any responsibility for their nasty, bitter language that has become the language of politics in the US. They shrug and genuinely think they have nothing coming to them, that the hateful lies, fiction and running political interference has no impact at all on people's perceptions.

The bile must be touching the back of their tongues.

Either that or the dis-connect is so great they've ripped a hole in time and space.

They draw the Democrats into pointing fingers because the left knows that if this could be pinned on them, it would be and with full force. And so the atmosphere darkens even further.

I made the mistake of engaging with a few mini-Jared Loughners on Twitter, fearful, angry types with plenty of bile to spill whilst calling you on the bile you were spilling, seeing theirs as holy bile, righteous bile and yours as plain old bile, Communist bile, Leftist bile, Socialist bile; all the while missing the point that they were so full of hate, so full of ignorance and confusion that they too could be that man with a gun in their hand, shooting children, women, judges and politicians, trained as they are like Pavlov's dogs to take back what is theirs through their Second Amendment rights.

I think I give up on this foreign trash.

I think.

Who will survive in America?

Kanye West- Who Will Survive in America from Miko Yung on Vimeo.


  1. i wondered what was going on yesterday and now i know. and now you know why i posted amazing grace. i don't want us to be what we were, i want us to be better. i can only hope that the majority of my country will not let the minority of tyranny vanquish us.


  2. Savannah:

    Indeed and I am more than aware that it is unfair to judge an entire 307 million people by the words and actions of a few but the right has a tight grip in the US and it is strangling the life out of a fine country.

    Dull blade:

    Your comment had to go I'm afraid as you ignored the comments policy, as your sort are want to do.

    I worry about the US because I care about it and to see it being held hostage by idiots who are only negative and exist in the stultifying world of opposition is a concern.

    Your lack of knowledge about the UK would suggest you are an idiot or at very best an ignorant with limited reading skills and a poor sense of self-esteem.

    I wish you all the best in pulling your head from your ass.

    Take care.

  3. I was surprised (but I shouldn't have been) in America when 'paid for' adverts for politicians/mayor/sheriff/etc cam on the TV. They were SO negative! I saw one a couple of times and the whole advert was about how evil his opponents were. Not one policy, not one positive aim, nothing.

    Our politics is bad enough, but the US has anger and hatred sorted.

    As for Palin - what a ****ing weirdo!

  4. I would say that Jared's mental illness, is not immune from the fact, Arizona is the most reactionary state un the union, and the founding place of American conservatism. The relationship between his craziness and Arizona politics is dialectical.

  5. The Situation in the US has got so extreme that nothing (even this recent shooting )can change the malaise. It's as if the more vivid it becomes, the more blind the right-good gun-folk become to it.
    We see a madman with a gun: we carry another gun our-self to protect us is the logic. A perfect double-bind.
    Given another week , those Tea People will be blaming Obama for the shooting !

  6. Stephen:

    Everything seems to be about working in opposition, offering nothing positive and to merely attack.

    It's an awful, poisonous, destructive state of affairs.

    Renegade Eye:

    "The relationship between his craziness and Arizona politics is dialectical." I couldn't agree more. I also re-state there is a lot more craziness knocking about then given credit for.


    That's my fear, it escalates to a point of pseudo war.

  7. Television is filth. It is both a cause and a symptom of the illness in the United States.

    Most people lack the intelligence to see the influence TV has upon them, and/or they lack the strength of character necessary to pull the plug on TV permanently.

  8. I wouldn't go so far as to blame it all on TV but certainly, mass media has a role to play in pacification and active spreading of lies and misinformation.


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